What will help my plant ?

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  1. I m looking to buy some
    nutrients for the veg and flowering stage any good
    Organic ones out there ?
    I heard non organic messes with the ph
    and I don't won't that

    will big bud be okay ?
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  2. I want one for both stages if possible If not leave what stage your choice is for!
  3. I use Fox Farms trio with good success. They have 3 separate bottles you can use in conjunction with each other.

    Grow Big is for veg
    Big Bloom is pretty much used the whole life cycle after 4-5 weeks of growth.
    Tiger Bloom for when they are in flower
  4. I was looking at that --- did you follow the guidelines or did you go your own way? If you did how did you
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  6. I modify the directions, use a little less then what they recommend. I feel like they always want you to use more product than necessary.

    I give them nutes every other watering.
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  7. One thing I have learnt along the way is NEVER use the recommended dosage..
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  8. Thanks
    Thanks ordering now! Imao
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  9. Also looking at your pics you have the seedling right under the LED light ? Every seed I have sprouted has either really struggled or dies from that man... keep them under a 120w CFL light for 2-3 weeks
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  10. Lol why did you disagree with me, could have just given an explanation :/
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  11. It's about 20 inches above them
    A little 130w true watt
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