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What Will Help Me Fall Asleep Fastest?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CmMx112, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Whats up guys. Ive got some pretty high mids, they give me an upbeat high, but a very comfortable feeling. Im pretty positive its mostly sativa. I was wondering, in your guys/gals expiernces, what would help me fall asleep the fastest, a hit from a small bong/bigger bong/pipe/ bubbler/vape or not smoking at all? Is there anything food or liquid wise that helps you fall asleep faster? I know for me weed sometimes chills me out, but sometimes it hypes me up. Ive got class at 9 tomorrow, and this weekend was full of drinking/smoking, and staying up till the sun came up... So I might need somthing to help my body go into sleep mode :eek:
  2. Sativa is a head high. Every method except vaping will be the same. I'd smoke it anyways, better then nothing even if you get a head high.
  3. Anything BUT vape. Vaporizers(unless you have one where you can change the temp) only give you the THC because the other cannabinoids burn at a higher heat(I might be wrong but from what I have seen thc burns around 180 and other cannabinoids burn around 200/210). More thc=heady trippy high. Whereas less thc and more cbd/cbn?=couchlock stoney high. Just smoke an indica.
  4. I wish I had some indica :( Screw it, Ima rip the bong :D

  5. Well you sai dyou had mids, And they are usually more indica or hybrid. Either way they should get the job done :smoke:
  6. Anything but vaping will work. When you vape it, the brown hairs aren't being smoked, and they're what burn you out, so if you want to be tired, smoke some weed with a lot of brown hairs.
  7. The solution is to smoke so much, you fall asleep.
  8. Ive never done that before. Im always eating, on here, watching tv, or all of the above :D I think I might pack a bowl in my pipe, havent smoked out of it in a while :)
  9. Pretty sure thats not correct. Unless cannabinoids are the hairs on the bud haha.

    Vaping would work, but only if you vape at high temperatures.

    Smoking would probably work better though
  10. Yea, smoked a bowl outa my little glass chillum. Feelin pretty good, hopefully it'll knock me out :D

  11. No, the cannabinoids are in trichomes on the the bud itself. Vaping vaporizes THC, but not all other cannabinoids, since some cannabinoids vaporize at temperatures higher then the combustion temperature of the bud. Much of the couchlock and stuff are in the non-vaporized cannabinoids, hence why vaping gives more of a clean head high.
  12. Hahahahaha.

    @OP: smoke a nice fat joint, always knocks me out. and of course don't smoke RIGHT before bed, maybe an hour or two before so that by bedtime you'll be starting to come down and get burnt out i.e zzz time :smoke:

    And unless you have a fixed-temp vape like the Purple-Days, you can just turn the temperature higher than usual and get a more couch-lock Indica effect.

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