What will happen to Canada if Prop 19 passes

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  1. Besides the donuts and hockey, the best part of Canada has always been good old BC bud. Now that pot may become legal in California, what will we have left? Instead of us having the best stuff, now all you guys have the bragging rights. It sucks in one way, but will this have an impact on our legalization status in Canada? What do you guys think, will we be quick to regulate this wonderful herb after California does or will most of the other states come before hand?
  2. I dont think it matters what comes first. as long as my girl mary jane becomes one hundred percent legal in my lifetime imma die happy :smoke:
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    When prop 19 passes, it will only mean good things for you lads up in Canada! I'm sure that it will influence cannabis politics positively in the first place. Plus, canadian businesses will have an easier time shipping seeds to Cali. Californians will probably by more product from canada in general.
  4. Canada isn't going to legalize it any time soon.
    jean chretien "almost" legalized it in 2003, but their was so much pressure from the United States, the fucking dea, it just didn't work out.
  5. A; I think most people already consider Cali to have the best bud.
    B; I think it will take a while, but eventually its effect will spread, and spread, and eventually the butter will be completely melted over the toast.
  6. I think it's gonna have to be legalized in some other states before the wave moves through Canada.
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    Look what happened after we voted in Medical Marijuana. Didn't take that long to migrate to other places. If we pass it here and world doesn't implode, it is eventually going to be hard for other governments to sit back and let Cali rake in all that money all by themselves.... ;)
  8. cali already had the best bud, you guys just got it cheaper, now cali will have the best bud and it will be cheaper
  9. The question you should be asking is if Prop19 gets passed what will other US states do? And my answer is they will legalize as well especially when they see Cali making a shit load of money both for their citizens as well as the state through taxation. It happened with alcohol and it will happen with weed. And when THAT happens I am sure Canada will follow suit.

    I think we are at the precipice of a new dawn for marijuana. Just make sure everyone in the state of Cali gets out to vote YES on Nov. 2!
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    I think I read somewhere that four other states including our neighbors over in Oregon, have already drafted their own Propositions for Cannabis legalization for the 2012 election. :)

    I think you are right... We are nearing the tipping point. Arnold signing SB1449 just gave it another little push.

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