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Discussion in 'General' started by flowerchild420, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. Ok........so if my life wasn't bad enough to start off with. My ex's leaving me and then me getting 12 stitches in my head!!!! No, I have to come to work at the crack of dawn because we have had an incident of tampering with narcotics and its my ass that is getting chewed over the whole thing. We had 24 morphine injections, 20 demerol injections, 4 valium injectables, and 10 stadol injections emptied and saline put back in them. I've been dealing with state police since I've been here and nothing is being solved. So we have to launch this whole investigation until we figure out who it is. Proving it is another story!!!!!!!!!

    I dont think we will be drug tested because they say that is an invasion of privacy but hell, if you take that much shit then you have to be selling it!!!!! Things have to get better but the state police are putting me in the awfullest of moods!!!

    It sucks being in charge of a floor because your ass is the one that goes on the line when the people under you fuck up!!!!!!!!! I want to be home right now curled up in bed, smoking a big ole joint and forgetting about this hellhole of a workplace!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Step one: Find a good book (comedy, sci-fi, horror, comic book, pamphlet, whatever)
    Step two: Put on some good music
    Step three: Roll a joint (or load a bong, or pack a pipe, etc)
    Step four: Do whatever is necessary to get the optimal surroundings. This means you need to lighten/darken the room, make sure it's a comfortable temperature, etc. This is surprisingly helpful.
    Step five: Make sure everything else is taken care of (this means children, work, homework, spouses, whatever) just make sure they won't be bothering you for a while.
    Now lie down on whatever you prefer, listen to music, read, toke, and forget about all the bullshit you deal with on a regular basis. Simple, no?
    Personally I do that, just in my own way, it usually involves a tent in the middle of my living room and some combination of masturbation and crying. That's just me though. :)
  3. KraziHare has some great ideas there...very smart bunny...I recommend them all...

    ...or you can find out who did it and beat them down for screwing up your day...

    ...but then do everything KraziHare said to do!!!!!!!! Especially the masturbating part...it's a cure all, you know?
  4. ooooooooooooooh nooooooooo...flowerchild im already stoned off my ass but I shall get more stoned off my ass and send good karma your waya nd then you can take the karma and pt it in your pocket
  5. God knows what is going to happen. It sucks to be a charge nurse because its your ass that gets in all kinds of trouble when shit like this happens. I have an idea who did it but who knows if we will ever be able to prove it. And lucky me, the state police shall be back tomorrow too. (Even though one of them is really cute but maybe those thoughts are coming from sexual frustration and the stress of the whole situation)!!!!!!! I guess they will check for finger prints and such but I doubt they find any. Oh well, let me smoke a joint to forget about this day.

    And thanks for the ideas and all the karma. One of these days things will start looking up for me. Or at least I keep hoping so.

    But it pisses me off that one nurse like that can give us all a bad name!!!!!!!!
  6. Sorry to hear you have a pain in the ass causing you a pain. I've delt with that shit before and still do now. Isn't it funny how we are responsible for the acts of others? As if we could do anything about what other people do while we are not watching them!

    Love peace and karma coming your way!
  7. Man, that really sucks. I have no idea what to say. Nothing I could would make it any better. Just hang in there, things always have a way of working themselves out in the end.
  8. Hey flowerchild....do you know anything new about the investigation yet??? I have a question...how did you guys actually figure out that the syringes were filled with saline? I hope that it all get's solved pretty quick...you need some peace...like NOW!!!!!

    ~~~~Karma and Good Vibes all for you~~~~

  9. Well, for about a month or so we've had several patients that didnt get any relief from any of the shots we were giving. Granted, I just thought they were being pains in the ass. Then one of my co-workers dropped the demerol box and when it fell out, you could see how the box had been cut with a razor and glued back. So we checked all the narcotics and even the vials had their lids glued back on.

    And no, today is day number 3 with the state troopers and I'm so tired of dealing with cops. I'm here at the hospital for hours on end when I should be home and having to come in at all hours of the night. All this has just brought more work on me. I have to carry the narc keys with me at all times. And if a pain medication needs given, I have to get it for them, watch them drawl it up, and watch them give it until the mess is cleared up. But nothing has come up........I think they are fingerprinting today though.

    Thanks for the karma..........I do so need it. That and a full body massage and a vacation but I appreciate the karma. And good vibes and karma back to you as well!!!!!!!!!

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