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What will a one month tBreak do for me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by B-J-G, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hey I am currently one week into my t break that I have planned for a month. Will one month be enough? I was a daily smoker for about 4 months and have been smoking for about a year without a t break. Will I get absolutely destroyed? This is my first t break and I am quite excited.
  2. Im starting a T-Break also starting today. My last break was 1 month and i ended up getting annihilated off two blunts of some dank dank after my month long break.
  3. im pretty sure two blunts of dank would mess me up regardless
  4. I took a month long t-break once and got so blowed the first time I smoked after that I spit out raviolis cause my friend said something that wasn't even that funny, and I laughed...hard. He then looked at me, never having seen me do something so high and stupid and said "Your mega-blowed aren't you?" My answer was nonstop laughter.

    I guess what I'm gettin at here is that yeah, a month is plenty, maybe too long
  5. No shit haha
  6. haha. i sadly have a very high tolerance, two blunts of some dank usually has me super blowed. But after my T-Break i was just a high ass kid stuck in la-la land

  7. a month is more than enough time. working out a lot and drinking water will help
  8. I miss la-la-land ): maybe its time for a t-break for me too...
  9. fuhhk you up. Haha, well at least for me. I took about a 3 week break after heavy smoking (multiple times a day). It was only my real second t-break. Before I had taken a two week break. Anyways, *one* bong hit really messed me up. Felt a bit unreal, like I was in another world. It was a crazy night. And to think it was from one hit.

    I will suggest to you that you start off a bit slow. Like a couple hits, then a few more and see how you feel. Good luck on the break, you already got past the hardest part- the first week! :)
  10. yea the first week wasn't hard at all.

    thanks everyone for the replies :)
  11. Hey it's my first t-brea too Probably going for a 2-3 week t break. Last time I smoked was 9 days ago. :D

    I'm doing ok.

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