WHat/where seeds to get?

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  1. im looking into ordering seeds ( as soon as possible) and i would like to know anywhere u guys think i can get good/cheap seeds with all the other stuff i got to grow i dont think spending another 100$ on seeds is smart ... i was looking into seeds from nirvana ( misty )

    i need the seeds for an indoor/small/stealth grow... so small is better but at the same time im not down with indica couch high.... so high/smell/height/potency are all factors ive herd good things about c99 but theres nowhere to get it under like 80 bucks
    so if u have any goodsites/opinions ect.. plz feel free to share
  2. i hear dr. chronic is good I've never ordered there before so I'm looking to and if you're stuck with a small stealth grow you might want to consider joint doctor's lowryder there auto flowering and have i think 15% thc although its half indica so it might not be what you want. goodluck though:D
  3. from what ive seen said about lowryders on these forums... i honestly wouldent touch them unless i was given the seeds for free ive seen way to many storys about how bad they are
  4. I would order from Dr Chronic or Seedboutique. I grew out one Misty which was really nice. It had a very floral aroma and well rounded buzz. Another one to check out would be Speed Queen from Mandala. It stays short, yields well, flowers quickly, very hardy, and the buzz is very energetic. Oh and it is only like $15 a pack. Cindy is awesome but it's getting hard to find. Wallyduck (on seedbay.com) has some C99 crosses some of which you can get a little cheaper. I know he has C99 x Cali O for $50.
  5. thnx dude thats a good idea.. i think ima pick up some misty and white widow from seed botique gives me some variety :) this site reliable?
  6. if you want the cheapest beans, go to gypsy nirvana. they also (used to at least) give freebies away with every order, but my 1st batch of SADP skunk freebies were 0% viable and i got them again on my second order.

    you can get all kinds of cheap beans there at the nirvana seedbank.

    i prefer dr chronic though. it's a couple dollars more expensive, but they have CC ordering where gypsy stopped that (they ever get it back?) and have better customer service. i just love those "good news! you've got incoming!" emails the doc sends out when the beans ship the next day. it's a small touch, but a nice one.

    between gypsy & doc, there are several banks that have $20-$30 beans includintg nirvana, high quality seeds & the sativa seedbank and possibly others, but those are the three bargain banks i shopped at.

    $100+ beans are generally the "high end" strains that are recent cannabis cup winners like arjan's haze, love potion #1 & trainwreck etc. there are plenty of older strains that are still great out there on the cheap. just browse every seed bank at whatever shop you go to and make a shopping list. nirvana is your best start as they have the biggest variety and most of the top strains like blueberry, bubblegum, jack herer & white rhino etc.

    i like sativa seedbank & high quality seeds a little better as they have alot of nice sativas.

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