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  1. hey everybody. i would like somehelp answering my question to avoid further situations like thi that bum me out.
    So I was crushing on this girl i met in one of my classes. shes beautiful and makes me smile. i got the balls to ask her out one day and she agreed. we went for lunch and we chatted it up about eachothers lives(mostly hers). it was really nice, i genuinely felt content that we were enjoying each others company. so once we leave and as were about to part ways, we hug and i tell her shes beautiful and we start making out. after a few minutes, i decided that i didnt just wanna fuck her then, she really meant something for me, and i tell her i gotta go, give her one last kiss and depart. a few days later, i tried calling her, but got no response. i didnt pay it any mind, but texted her telling her i wanted to chat for a bit. got no response, didnt see her in the next class. class after that, she appears and is rather normal, i crack some jokes, see her wonderful smile and when class is over i ask if she wants to go out again. she said she was really busy and left, so i went back home and smoked. weekend, i again try to contact her and again get no response. so i see her again next week, and she apologizes for ignoring me. i decide to go for it and tell her that i really liked her and wanted to know how she felt. she told me she thought things went way too fast and that we could start over as friends. i didnt wanna lose her, so i agreed. thought i could just get her to hang out, so i hit her up again next week. same thing. i accepted the fact that she isnt in to me, but i wanna know why when everything seemed great, on the right path. sorry for the long post

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    you must thank your lucky stars & the universe for sendin you a babe from the heavenz & move on .. because if she wanted to keep things goin she would've been the one callin & textin ...
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5T96LHnEWw
    in all seriousness, that was a really deep reply man. i guess my only regret was not finishing what i started. again, my mistake was wanting something more meaningful than just a random fuck. but oh well. like you said man, chase until its time to replace. the problem is that i know im going to see her again, classes start on tuesday, and that primordial kick in the nuts when i see her aside, im just questionable on how i should react
  4. Act like it doesn't bother you and be friendly but cool towards her.  Don't keep looking her way, don't go out of your way to say Hi, just act like it meant less to you than it did her.  For some unknown reason girls seem to prefer this approach.  At least in my experience.  Sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted but it must not have been meant to be.  Keep on keepin on.
  5. Just my two cents but maybe she just got out of a relationship not to long ago and has no intention of getting in another one soon. So maybe she had a good time on the date but she don't wanna commit to anything right now. Idk
  6. you didnt follow the d.e.n.n.i.s. system
    omfg i laughed at this 
  8. You were boring as fuck and way too fast, just cause you wanted to fuck, she just didn't like you, work on your chat ...She's moved on, why don't you?
  9. It doesn't matter why, you just weren't her type. Just keep being yourself regardless and you'll hit goldSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. Your reaction should always follow a simple rule .. Don't $peak Unle$$ $poken 2 ... In any situation because she pushed you back into the stranger/associate zone ... So you pretty much gotta deal wit that torcher for a minute .. but hey .. look at it this way .. at least she showed you a good time & the nights or night you had went perfectly without experiencing ED or whiskey dic or any other fucked up situation ...
  11. thank you everybody. im over it, but i just needed some reassurance for my answers. thank you all
  12. Damn if making out is too fast for her then I wouldn't be chasing her. Girls that play hard to get can fuck off, I just ignore the ones I know are flirts.
  13. fuck hard to get games. but i still regret not having at least fucked her, to get something out of it, as cold as that may sound. ah well, i just gotta stop doing things the way i do, maybe if i had fucked first then proceeded to attain that relationship i had desired? whatever, smoke weed and move on. thank you blades, your words were of reassurance to me
  14. Yea u shouldn't have put on the breaks...if it feels natural go with it...girls wanna feel like they won something everybody else was trying 2 get...jus give ur attention to someone else...either u will develop something with them or the other chick will come back around asking about u and the new girl....Sent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. yeah, i totally understand that i cockblocked myself, i let my feelings get in the way of my thinking. should have gone through with it. whatever, i gotta find a new one now, damn it
  16. Who knows,maybe its cause of your texting and asking about her feelings and such. ...trying to make it too serious. Really stuff can happen like this where as no advice or explanation can be had and its best just to move on.....Exhibition match, no win no loss.
    Just play it chill and dont worry about the rank of the situation.  Some of these girls dont want anything too too serious and just sort of vibe that friends with benefits ordeal, but then it can translate from there if its something good.
    Just play it exhibition, go out there, bring some skills play it like its not going on your W-L record(doesn't mean to chump out either). The feeling of the game is there but when the "game" is over you just go home and its really nothing....despite whatever outcome....keep it moving.
  17. i dont know if im too high or smething but i didnt understand any of that.
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    So i finally saw her again on wednesday. i was baked walking to class and there she is. i say hi and she asks me how im doing to which i reply high lol. turns out she smokes too. i tell her we should smoke a bowl sometime and she says maybe. we chat it up for a bit. we go to class, we have the same class. so once class is done i walk with her and she says shes gotta go to work and i tell her that well smoke and she should call me to set things up. i was still high and i didnt hear her response but i do hear her say goodbye as she walks away. i dont know why i still want to pursue this, maybe it was her smile again, or the skinny jeans lol. damn i love women,any advice on how i should proceed with this girl?
    Sometimes it wont make sense, one of those things, possibly later after some experience it may chime in your head "hey thats what BigTank was talking about".
    Especially when your caught up in the moment, advice and suggestions may not make any sense when your stuck on some girl.
  20. thats true

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