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What way were you brought up to become the stoner you are now?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by solarsinsemilla, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. There are many different types but here are a few i'd like to share.
    1. You have a close group of friends, you decide to buy shwag together and slowly progress through time from nickels of shwag, to dimes, quaters, then you get into KB/Hydro, having a beatiful realationship with pot and loving it

    2. You have older siblings that are high with their friends and they think it would be funny to get you fucked up, and ever since then you have been smoking pot, possibly only dank nugs because you are a semi weed snob. *

    3. You are a girl who hangs out with older guys 2-4 years older and you start off with drinking and eventualy start to enjoy pot and you go from the older guys whore to a hippie pot head,( no offense this is just an observation)

    4. You have parents that smoke, either extremely high qualilty or extremely low quality. Depending on which one they smoke you usaly smoke the same, unless they smoke shwag and you smoke nugs.

    i know there are millions of ways and i'd like to get your classification, and you can list others. BTW this is just something i've been thinking about and decided to enlighten anybody that wants it, this isnt to sterotype.

    *for anybody offended by weed snob, i hate to admit it but i was one, i would only smoke the best quality, because the shwagg i was around gave me a headache. recently i have found some shwag that will get me high, but if it doenst i wont smoke it
  2. Out of your classifications, I come closest to 1... pretty damn close actually.
  3. i am a cross between 1 & 2, i started out with the 10's and 20's of schwag with my friend that got me started, but then i got inlaws that smoked dank so i had a trasition within a month. now that is about all i smoke. so it was kind of a super accellerated #1
  4. yea im like #1, im not really a sesoned toker though...
  5. i started out smoking mids by the half ounce (with me and a friend or 2), then after twice of doing that i went straight for the dank :D i heard everyone talking about danks and was like "wtf is that?" eventually my curiosity got the best of me, and that's why i'm here :)
  6. I'm a kinda cross between none and 3......I hung out with older people when i was 15 and doing my GCSEs. they got me into it..then i stopped, then got BACK into it with the friends i made a few years i hnag out with ppl my age and older..and love being an olderman drug hippie whore! lol...seriously - it's so good being a gril when around bloke stoners - you're never short of opportunities to get some..i have arrangments with several of my stoner male friends so we both get what we need when high and horny! lol :) I'm not a slag though......and have no STDs...

    sorry rambling - blasted again! lol
  7. Wanna be friends? I've got some excellent 'Dro outta VT... :D

  8. ROTFLMAO!!!

 offense or anything...
  9. I'd have to say that I'm really a combination of 1 and 4. I grew up with both of my divorced parents smoking a fair amount of weed. At times, each of them grew and I realize now that they were quite skilled cultivators, considering the quality and quantity they grew. I started smoking primarily with two close friends and we formed a sort of weed coop, always purchasing together. This summer we averaged, among the three of us, one ounce per week, which made for quite a good time. My dad quit smoing when he met his current wife, but my mom still smokes. Once she realized that I had started smoking on my own and had an understanding of what it was all about, she began to smoke with me. It's nice, because it certainly doesn't dominate our relationship, but does provide a unique mother-son connection.
  10. i'd say im also a combination of 1 and 4 ... i started out with my dad... but smoke more with my friends...
  11. i'm definitely closest to one because i grew up(well a couple of years) smoking pot with a certain group of friends but around my freshmen year (highschool) they really got into the rap scene and being all supa fly if you know whut i mean so i found sum like minded people who are more friendly and into just hanging out and smokin nice but and now believe it or not the supa fly kids no one really likes because i live in a primarily white area and they get annoying so my friends and i hang out with the kinda ppl that wear abercrombie and stuff like that but it isnt our thing but they're good people once you get to know em and they usually have older brothers or sisters who give us awesome deals.... its great and im glad with my choice of not staying with a group but finding one that was more like me.... sorry for the life story....
  12. I don't really fall into any of those classifications. I started smoking with my friends, all of whom are my age. They all had a year or two headstart, and I just ended up hanging out with them one night and smoking for my first time.

    I had asked my best friend to ask me before I smoked if I really wanted to, so it's not there was a lot of peer was all my decision.

    The rest is beautiful, hazy history...
  13. 1 is definitely where I started off... now I am an aspiring grower and plan to take the rest of my life off in my weed farm in Amsterdam... uh.. thats my dream it is yeah!
  14. According to the drug addict quiz thing I'm addicted to hallucenogens, which is odd, coz i've never done them - i do however love my pills and green and just life in general atm! lol :) rambling again!....
  15. Yeah, I got Hall. too. Weird.
  16. I started off as #2 I guess... my bro introduced me to it. From then on, I progressed to doing on my own, ala #1.

    Cool thread :)
  17. i smoked in 6th grade with my older cuzin for my first time..then didnt smoke til i started hangin out with solar and we just started smoking every day with some dank hydro. i never really ever smoked a lot of shwag except my first times, which were in mexico..3 times a day for 2 weeks with some SHITTY shwag...still got me pretty damn high.
  18. i was closest to a 1
  19. but i know i am pretty much a 1...we started out as heavy drinkers and then slowly brought in the weed...i have been a daily toker for 8 years now...DAMN...but its not that we still party balls...and i have friends that don't smokeand others that do heavier its a varied social circle...

    and as for having fuck buddies...its all good girl...we all have our

    and some of us need it more often than a matter of fact..i think ima go to church...hehe


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