What way do you want to die?

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  1. Hey,what way do you guys want to die?
    I think drowning would be horrible,I want to die quickly,this probably sounds horrible but my perfect way to die would be to get shot in the head,gone in an instant,no pain,no suspense...
  2. in my sleep, or pushing off the space station towards earth and burn up on re-entry
  3. What a question..


    I was thinking "In my sleep" but that seems too cliche and boring. I mean, one second you may be in the black abyss and the next second you are the black abyss. Or maybe you're in a really bizarre dream and you dream about dying then that's that. Yea, that would suck.

    All I know is, I want to die with my eyes open. :D
  4. there is this steep hill in Watford ontario that just on the other side of it is the town if you launch your car off the top of the peak Im pretty sure you could end up in a spectacular crash.

    hopefully it kills cause I wouldn't have to pay to rebuild that building
  5. Last man killed from a zombie takeover.

    Or lung cancer... lung cancer goes along with the way my life works.
  6. Never. Not any way, no how.

    Telomerase, bitches! *runs off*
  7. Its not about the way how i die, its about the time spent before that, isnt it?
  8. A hard question to answer.... There are a lot of different ways I'd like to die...

    I'd like to die fighting a bear.
    or jumping in a raging river.
  9. I want to die with someone by my side... stranger or loved one it makes no matter.

    I want someone to be there with me when i go
  10. I am terrified of drowning. It has always been my biggest fear. I don't think I would mind dying from a bullet. I just don't want to die my natural death. I just have a feeling it will be unpleasant.
  11. Also,i want to die before i'm 45-50,i just wouldn't like to stick around that long,anyone agree?

  12. All I know is things better change really soon.
  13. I used to think that.. but as I grew older I learned that life is... fascinating.
    I want to soak in as much experience as I can while I'm here.

    It's odd how people think that way. "I hope I die before age --"

    Then the next thing you know you're -- years old and you're thinking "I wish I was 18 again"

  14. Having a massive orgasm while having sex with a beautiful woman....or a massive nuclear explosion.... Apocalypse...Ragnarok....something massive and quick.
  15. I honestly don't want to die, ever. But since I will, I'd rather die in like, a rebellion or something. Like if someone invaded the US and it was chaos, I'd start a faction and fight the occupiers and end up getting shot in the battle that wins the war. Something like that. :smoking:
  16. I wanna be the first person to die of a marijuana overdose.
  17. in a blaze of glory for something I believe in or overdose/suicide
  18. Floating off in space into the sun. Painful but epic.... Just sounds epic.
  19. [​IMG]

    Quietly on the banks of the Ganga, with a joint in mouth enjoying myself :)
  20. Shark attack, avalanche, zombie apocalypse

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