What wattage / temperature do you vape at what ohms?

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  1. I can't handle a hot vape for some reason, I normally vape at under 90 watts and I can't find a comfortable temperature. Hot ruins the flavor for me for some reason.
  2. 12w @ 2.03 ohms. Sitting at just under 5v.
  3. What's the resistance of, and type of metal in, your coil? What atomizer are you using? It depends on what your setup is like. Right now I'm vaping at 60watts between 420-460 resistance at .21 ohms with regular ole stainless steel micro coils. Out of the Serpent Mini, I love this setup due to the Serpent being more restrictive in airflow. Similar results with the Engine RTA.

    In the Azeroth , I have dual ss tiger coils at .12 and for that I vape around 90-100 watts with temps around 460-500. Due to the huge amount airflow from that tank and its deck placement isn't fully enclosed like my rtas, allowing more air to come in , I can vape at higher temp without things being uncomfortably warm. Same with the Boreas.

    If you're vaping Kanthal in temp mode on most other mods except mods with FSK or DNA chipsets, temp mode won't work as well. Kanthals change in resistance isn't as predictable as SS or Ni. Since temp control mods actually regulate temp by measuring resistance change in the wire itself while being heated , SS and Ni work better in temp mode for their ease of predictability. I own one mod that can do Kanthal in temp mode and love it so I hope to see more in the market soon.
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    Wotofo Chieftain. TFV8 baby beast.
    • 3.34 V
    • 0.15 OHM
    • DIY output mode: 70 - 45 - 70 - 45 WATT
  5. Still using my Kanger Subtank with my new Sigelei 213, with the .15ohm I like it around 75w-80w
  6. I vape 4 devices daily. And every one is different. I have 2 in temp mode, one set at 410, the other at 440. I also have 2 that are in wattage mode, one at 72 and one at 53. LIke I said, they are all different.
  7. 0.4 at 40-50w
    got some 0.2's I need to use up at some point.
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    150w at .213ohms. baby beast on my smok for life. You low Watters aint got nothing on this.

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  9. Cleito?
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  10. Yeah
  11. I seem to be able to blow clouds just fine at 22watts .5 ohms

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  12. Switched up my DIY Output a tad, digging it for sure...
    • 2.81 V
    • 0.15 OHM
    • WATTS: 50 - 60 - 70 - 60 - 50 - 40 (repeat)
  13. Im all over the place with wattage and temps that I use. Currently I'm at 35w, 500f, and 0.21 in my Serpent Alto, and 35w and 0.26 in my OBS engine nano (still figuring this one out). My Kennedy 24s I seem to love at 75w, 480f and 0.17. These all have SS316L fused claptons in them. Just my go to for the most part although I still prefer my 24g N90 fused claptons for wattage mode. I've never been one for 100w+ vaping and recently have switched towards single coil options to try and find something that I actually like. So far the Hadaly and the Serpent Alto are way in the front. Still not as satisfying to me as a decent dual coil build but I am trying to cut down on battery usage.
  14. I find I'm more of a low wattage vaper.

    Right now I have dual twisted 26g kanthal coils reading 0.37 and I'm vaping at about 20 - 25watts in a Melo 300. Getting plenty of flavor which is what I'm after. I find that once I get over 45 or 50watts everything just gets too hot for me. Guess I could have gotten by with a 50watt mod instead of a 200watt mod. ;)
  15. That RDA life .14 dual SS aliens usually keep it around 120 watts
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  16. Ya but that dual battery mod will run a couple of days between charges. I hated waiting mid day for my single battery stick to recharge.
    Out and about it's a Cleito standard at .4 ohms a bit under the 40 watt low end for the coil 37 watts usually
    Desk it's a Tsunami 24 plain Kanthal build as the infused juice fouls the coils fast and I do a lot of dry burning keeping it clean.
    Tend to run unfused juice in the Cleito as I'm to cheap to be buying coils that often.
    DIY 0mg as I kicked nic a long time back.

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