What was your first experience like smoking weed?

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  1. Hey dudes, just wanted to hear any stories of what your first time was like smoking weed.
    Since everyone else will be sharing I'll share my own:
    I got high for the first time when I was 15, second semester of sophomore year.:p My good buddies had already smoked a couple times before, and I wanted to try what they described as the best experience of their lives. We were going to get high at my house, but my paranoid 15 year old self was too scared to try to sneak out or smoke on the patio/in the garage. So what do I decide to do? Edibles! My friend got the hookup from another student at school, and me and the squad (4 of us) chilled at my house on a Friday night. We had 2 pot cookies and we ate a half a cookie each. While we're chilling, playing videogames and whatever, the whole time I doubt the authenticity of these "pot" cookies. 45 minutes in, the cookies kick in for the two of my friends who had previously smoked. 15 minutes later, the third friend (who had never smoked before either), suddenly freezes up, smiles, and says, "I'm feeling" it. Thus, the giggling commenced. All three of my friends started laughing their asses off (especially the first-timer) and were on the couch struggling to breath. All the while I'm laughing too while I'm filming them with my phone. I start getting really annoyed as my cookie still hasn't kicked in yet, and I think to myself it will never work. 10 minutes later, it hits me. Luckily, I ate just the right amount of cookie. At first, I started getting these really weird tingles in my legs and I think, "is this it?". Seconds later, everything literally just seemed to "light up". My mood brightened and my basement literally looked brighter than before. I remember literally feeling "high", like I was levitating above my couch. I was staring at my friend all while this was happening and I just remember bursting with laughter, which caused a chain reaction and made the whole squad laugh.:lmafoe: Then, the munchies and the cottonmouth kicked in. We were devouring all the chips in the basement, and everything was so good. We drank a ton of water to try to sooth the gnarly cottonmouth we all had. I remember watching in amusement as my friend nearly downed half a gallon of water in one massive chug. We put on some good tunes and just chilled for a good hour or two. I was too scared to go upstairs to talk to my parents, but two of my friends went up and came down 20 minutes later (which seemed like an hour) with two pizzas. We scarfed that shit down like a pack of wolves.We then proceeded to wrestle and fight in my basement, then settle down and watch a movie. I passed out early in the movie and woke up feeling great the next morning. Definitely a great experience that shined light on the life of the bud!:thankyou:
  2. I smoked when I was 12 for the first time, although, I never actually got high until I was 15. It was one of those things where you say to your friends "oh shit I'm so high", but it's just placebo. Well one cold December night in 2012, I was with my friend who was visiting from Tampa (I think he was 17 or 18 at the time), and he rolled up a huge ass blunt. We were in my neighborhood, which is like a private wooded place with trails and shit. I took the biggest damn pull off that thing and coughed my lungs out. I had no water, I thought I was gonna have to go to the hospital or something (lmfao). So I just had my head rested on my steering wheel for what seemed like 20 minutes, as soon as I opened my eyes and stood up, it hit me. Lol it hit me so hard. Different planet tier stuff. Back then it actually felt like I ingested something mind altering, now it just feels part of the average day lol. It kinda sucks... I miss living with my parents and only having to pay for weed. Smoked a lot more back then
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  3. There is already a thread for this

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