What Was The Last Thing You Purchased?

Discussion in 'General' started by BreezyF, Aug 12, 2012.

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    What was the last thing you spent your money on? Could be weed, groceries, fast food, anything (pictures if you got them) Cost?
  2. Two ounces lol
  3. A slice of cheese pizza
  4. Post pictures too if ya got them
  5. an iced from dunkin donuts...got to stop going there so much haha
  6. big mac meal think it was 5.53
  7. This exact same thread is in fashion and lifestyles
  8. [quote name='"Purp Skurp"']This exact same thread is in fashion and lifestyles[/quote]

    Fo realz deeeeammmmmmnnnn
  9. Ordered this hoodie for 36$ a couple nights ago.


  10. You ordered a hoody in august? lol.
  11. A hookah bowl and hose for $8 each
  12. Does that count as a hoodie still? The zipper makes it a jacket to me lol

  13. There is nothing wrong with preparing ahead.
  14. Expensive gas
  15. [quote name='"Mendi769"']Expensive gas[/quote]

    What's new
  16. I got a wild hair and ordered a 55" 3D LCD w/WIFI couch potato's dream. I already have a 42". I got bored I guess.
  17. Magic the Gathering 2013 event deck "Sweet Revenge"


  18. lol I never buy event decks, should just buy a box of M13 and build one. If you are new to the game I can show you some good sites.

    I bought this wall outlet device tha thas 2 outlets on it and 3 USB slots for phones,mp3 players, etc.

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