What was the first drug you did?

Discussion in 'General' started by awdcivic, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. marijuana or alcohol?
    i first smoked in January, im 19 and i still havent had a drink, that answers it for me. however ill get drunk sooner or later just has to be the right time right place.
    never did a drug till i was 19 either haha! i was all against marijuana and then i got smart and realized its not that bad and has many positives. i know alcohol is bad for you in high quantities but i dont plan on doing it much at all so all good =).
  2. Weed and only weed. For a reason too.
  3. herb. tried drinking on one of my dry spells and didnt like it.
  4. drinking in 7th then weed in 8th

  5. dude thats like the exact same story for me lol. january second was my first time. also where does your name come from lol? do you like have a custom built AWD civic or something? civics just are supposed to be FWD anything else is just weird lol.
  6. lol i hope i dont like drinking =P. even if i do its not gonna be like weed, that would be an everyday thing, na not really though it gets bad for me when i do it every day, i gotta be chill and relaxed to do it.
  7. Got drunk for the first time at 14 with a bottle of Crown Royal. Smoked weed for the first time at 17.
  8. Tobacco, actually. Then alcohol. Then something I'm not allowed to talk about here (learned my lesson quick with that one. Happened once, never again). Then weed.
  9. na my username i just came up with it like 2 years ago and use it for everything. i was actually going to convert my civic hatch to awd but i want a truck, this thing wont pull trailers very well. my clutch is gone lol.
    my birthday was the ninth my first time was like the 20th or something idk one of the last weekends, omg best experience ever! it really opens up your mind.
  10. I drank before I smoked, but only drank 2 cans of beer so didnt even get drunk just a tiny buzz. But then I smoked sometime after that. And didnt get actually drunk till like 3 years later.

    So i'd say I pretty much smoked before I drank.
  11. Well i dipped a few times and smoked a cig but i mean drugs that alter your state of mind. Tobbacco doesnt do anything but cause cancer lolz. And for all drugs u just have to be in a good state of mind and itll be a good experience in my opinion. Im gonna try other stuff, albeit not many times though.

  12. its a civic it wouldnt pull anything to well anyway lol, no torque. they're great for track racing but otherwise meh, i would love to get my hands on an EF shell as a project and drop a B16 in it and build it for road racing.
  13. Smoked bud for the first time shortly after I turned 16, drank for the 1st time about a year later. FUCK alcohol
  14. I think I had MAYBE a shot of vodka when I was 15, then I started smoking about a month or two after that.

    I wish I never drank though, it's fucking stupid and not worth my time.

  15. Youd be surprised, i pulled 3000 pounds of lumber 200 miles. Normal 27 mpg, 19 empty trailer, 18 with atv. I got 14 mpg highway about 3-4 in town with redlights. It was ridiculous.
  16. probably some tylenol or something when i was a baby ;)

    but besides that alcohol and then weed like a few months later.
  17. alley came first shes cool,then can came miss fine ass mary jane...she truly has the lock to my heart.
  18. And also i like how unlike when i got addicted to dip for 2 weeks before i was like screw this the amazing drug has none of that. :) i got half a gram havent smoked in 4 days and tis no cravings. Mainly just cause all my friends who dont do it are bitching for no reason and then i got caught saturday by a scout leader it sucked lol and i was stoned and he said david we need to talk. Andi was like crap he smells it. But he didnt, he asked ifi was when i showed up (only cause my glossy eyes no red) had my sunglasses onsat and nobody could even tell. But he gave me the talk about how it was all bad and stuff. Even though he did t as a kid lolz. It sucks but i guess itll haooen till its legal. Then it wont matter :p.
  19. Marijuana. 8)
  20. I stated drinking liquor in the 6th grade then by 7th-8th grade I was smoking cigarettes and bud.

    Eventually I moved on to harder drugs like meth and heroin.
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