What was the BEST hamburger you ever made intoxicated.

Discussion in 'General' started by BaconBitz, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. k so today for supper, I made some hamburgers using my mom's recipe with just normal hamburg. Usually they turn out small and tall but today they turned perfect. Just now I took 2 shots of crown royal whiskey and decided that I'm gonna make a hamburger. I had 3 slices of bread and 3 patties left. I said to myself "Its time to make a ghetto big mac". So my microwave broke last month and I'm too lazy to drive to wal-mart ( 2 minute drive) to get a new one so I said fuck it I'll just eat it cold. so this is hoe it goes in order; bread, pattie, ketchup, mustard, bread, pattie, ketchup, mustard, bread. Even with cold patties, its AMAZING.

    I'm surprised that I'm a this drunk with two shots of whiskey lol. So post the BEST hamburger you have ever made intoxicated under the influence of anything.
  2. Your drunk on 2 shots of whisky? Lightweight as FUCK! Anyways, throw extra everything of everything on there and send it my way. I'm gonna make one now .
  3. i was at my friends crib and we both had insatiable munchies at 3 am... i open the fridge and here is a 3 pound log of beef. grabbed that the worstesesasdfssseesshshire sauce some onion salt pepper and make two 1.5 lb hamburgers that we both agreed were the best burgers that we've ever had in our lives. mine was topped with pepperjack red onion tomato and coarse mustard.
  4. one time i had some og kush, klonopin, and 40s. Consumed 2 of all the above.

    after an amazing piss, and a memorable attempt at walking down stairs, I stumbled in the kitchen to assemble sustenance.

    I pulled out two beef patties, .75 LBs a piece. and Pepper jack cheese.

    In a skillet I had olive oil with garlic powder and finely sliced jalapeno's, allow the burgers to cook in this for around 12 minutes (I used the 8 setting).

    Place cheese on in the last minute.

    Get you some spicy mustard and mayonnaise on a bun and a few fresh jalapenos.

  5. Pizza Burger (created by yours truly)

    1. Throw a patty (or two) on the grill and let one side cook to your liking
    2. After you flip the burger, coat the now cooked side with pepperoni and let sit
    3. When the burger is just about done, throw some shredded mozzarella and cheddar on top of the layer of pepperoni and let it cook until the cheese just starts to melt
    4. Take the burger off the grill and put it onto a bun (preferably toasted) and spread a liberal amount of pizza sauce onto the melted cheese.
    5. Munch out
  6. I went through a phase with my buddy where we'd blaze, raid the fridge, make something ridiculous, take a picture and eat it. Our only hamburger type creation was garlic toast, lettuce, steak, bacon and melted cheese. Fuck was that good, although I could've gone without the garlic toast.

    And shit man I doubt an 8 year old could get drunk on 2 shots.
  7. OMG YUMM!!!!!!! :smoking:
  8. every burger i've made

    only make big, greasy, kill-as-fuck burgers
  9. Well dude. I wasent pissed drunk. I was buzzing. Jeez.

    What does this have to do with the thread. Where is it in the title that says "discriminante my alcohol tolorence"?

  10. Well that implied that you had more than a buzz to me. Don't get all defensive about it, you'll probably have saved thousands by the time you're middle aged because of your tolerance.
  11. i was visiting my family back in new jersey back in may... and i drove down to pt. pleasant to Martell's Tiki Bar to meet an old friend of mine..

    many, many coronas with lime later, i'm starving and totally buzzing.... we go to his friend's beach house where he was staying... its cold out but i don't care... and we scrounged a sparsely filled fridge for food and found kraft singles, ketchup and hamburger patties...

    so we had plates.. no grill tools - but we fired it up... let the burger sit... flipped it... cheese on.. a little ketchup.. and omg it was so good.

  12. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha:hello:
  13. haha worchesterfersfrsire sauce is always what we called around here

    same idea. haah
  14. Provolone Cheese
    Banana Peppers
    Jalapeño Peppers
    Wickles Relish

    Put that on a 5-6 oz burger and your good to go... wow I want one now... I wish I had a name for it o_O

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