What was it like the first time you went into a head shop

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  1. I was 13 and I went in, not knowing I had to be 18. Long story short, the owner gave me a black eye and I got kicked out


    the specialty guy
  2. Well..

    I think I was 14, we had a friend (Jesse) who his dad smoked pot. funny thing was that Jesse (his son) smoked but not regularly, only when it was bomb ass shit or there were chiks, etc... Anyways, one day I was on my way to my Jesses house and He was there with some other friends. When I get there it seems that one of our friends had asked Jesses dad if he could take them to a smoke shop (it was azy Dayz) so when I got there everyone was all excited getting on the car and I was like hey where yall going? they were like LAYZ DAYZ DAWG!!!!was like wtf? ok?..I had around $40 at the time. back in the day when my parents would give me money lol. So long story short we get there, we all get off go in and when they start to ask us for ID hes just like Oh its ok theyre with me. I'm their guardin right now. they just gave us this weird face and let us through.. I was ike wtfff. came out with a cheap metal pipe, a grinder, and some papers.lol

  3. I went inside, bought a pipe, packed it and used it in the parking lot. I was probably 15 at the time but nobody cares around here.
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  4. First time, was in Ottawa I believe and went in with a buddy, browsed for a while and bought a cheap metal pipe.

    Never seen anyone get ID'd, closest would be when I purchased my roor I said, "want to see my id?" hes like "nah, but out of curiosity how old are you?" I still laugh about that, man I love my country.
  5. I only visit one head shop on earth : the canyon lake smoke shop. They have everything from cheap glass to heady, all the nicotine your mammalian hearts could desire, pipes, bongs, lighters, and best of all it was super cheap with no tax

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  6. It was a sex shop and a head shop in one. I just wish they didn't keep all their fuckhuge dildos right next to the pipes and bongs.
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  7. A black eye? Like a real actual punch-in-the-face black eye? I think that a business owner would have himself further up shit creek, sans paddle, for physically assaulting a minor compared to selling a minor some papers or a bowl I woulda black mailed the shit out of him for doing that to me

    I was probably 15 or 16 when I bought a bowl from a random Arab convenience store in uptown, didn't ID me. I was soooo psyched to have my own bowl, albeit a cheapie Chinese one and I had no weed to put in it.. yet. Soon after I started going to the real headshop, always with someone who was eighteen. They always had signs up saying they would ID anyone walking in, but if you didn't act like a dumbass or look like a little kid, they didn't. Never had any trouble with it.

    I used to be soooo amazed by all of the stuff (they have a lot of Chinese glass but also tons of ultra-high end scientific and artisanal pieces). But it's just one of those things that kinda lost its fun once you were "allowed" to go do starting at age 18.

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  8. I got touched on my special place :(

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  9. Sex world? Lmfao

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  10. It was like...I should own one.

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    Unm i think i was in san diego .. my peoples took me to a bad ass shop that had everything 420 related .. anyways i was looking at the bongs & i said to my people "wow there are some bad ass bongs in here" then they looked at me like oh shit .. then the lady said "uh excuse me the term is water pipe & if i have to tell you again you'll have to exit the store" & sure enough the sign on the wall said "do not use the term bong or else you'll be asked to leave the store, the correct term is water pipe" .. i was like oh ok ooops!! lol .. i was 19 at the time too ..
  12. Bought my first bong from a tobacco store that was next to the grocery store I worked in at the time. Was a little sketched to get it there because from then on my employers would definitely know I was blazing it up before/at/after work and whatnot. But it was just a cheap $30 acrylic basic bong that did the job, dubbed it "the blue lizzard," and had several groggy memories beasting that tube out.

    First real headshop visit was this local place that sells the appropriate variety of everything glass and got myself a nice 18" glass on glass beaker bottom tube with heavy design and fumed color changing appearance. Still have that bong today, even if there is tape holding it together from years of owning/cleaning/mishaps. Best bong to date for almost 8 years now. [​IMG]

  13. I went this year and I'm 19, they Told me I needed my ID which I had and the girl was really nice and pretty as well :)

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  14. I was 16 someone that I worked with took me and I pointed out everything I wanted right in front of the worker they didn't give a fuck lol no ID

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  15. I was 15 and had heard this smoke shop sold to underage kids so me and my friend who was 14 proceeded to ride our bikes 10 miles to the shop and bought salvia/pipe/grinder. We were pretty nervous going in but the dudes there didn't give a fuck
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  16. First time:

    The girl behind the counter was helpful, chill and understood that it was obviously my first time in a head shop. She helped me pick out a small glass pipe and explained how to use the carb.

    Chatted her up a bit in the store..then f%cked her at her place after she got off work.

    Havent had that experience again in other shops.... But I keep trying.
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  17. the owner gave you a black eye? would love to hear the full story.
  18. I went in to buy sheesha for my hookah I had at the time.

    Definitely spent some time looking at all the glass. At the time, I had only smoked herb a few times.

    Next time I went in, I bought my first bong. I wish I still had that one.
  19. I can't remember. When I was 18 I worked at a sketchy shop that ended up getting raided and shut down.
  20. Lol what the hell

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