What was it like the first time you got stoned?

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  1. What was it like the first time you got stoned? Explain to us the experience? What happened to you? What were you thinking? What feelings occurred to you? Where were you? When was it? Who was it with? Why did you decide to do it?
  2. There are 2 times when I can recall getting to the super stoned moment that you can't relive.

    They were both off bongs. My first time I hit a bong I went to a community festival type thing where the were fireworks. I remember I took a rip and coughed my lungs out, and then we left to the park in which the fireworks were being played. All my friends had bikes and I remember running and keeping up with them, and everything just appearing very lucid and awesome looking. I also remember not being very tired from the run, which was pretty far actually.

    I believe the high may have been a creeper, because as I sat down I remember not really able to talk to people, I was so stoned. The fireworks tripped me out and I remember my friend giving me this toy car as a joke and I thought it was my destiny to keep this toy lego car, and I held onto it even though it was annoying to carry around lol.

    I also remember on Halloween one year me and my friends purchased like 20gs of some shitty weed and blazed it all in one sitting out of a bong. The night was a complete blur, I remember falling on someone's steps and getting up and probably looking stony as fuck saying "trick or treat" Then my friend dropped my friends bubbler in the middle of the street and a bunch of people came to examine the situation and me and my friends began running for some reason. Damn good times wish I could still get that fucked up.
  3. :smoke:holy shit... i'd run from that..
  4. my first time?

    it was unlike anything i've ever experienced...

    i was in canada. no parents, 8 other kids my age (15 and 16). it was part of a 20 day bicycle ride from syracuse to montreal. spend the last week in montreal. me and a guy on the trip started talking, we both smoked cigs and wanted to get weed too.

    we asked some guy/bum on the street...

    literally 20 minutes later we had an eighth of some fire ass nugs

    went to a baccy shop (at 15) and bought a pipe....smoked that shit on the steps to the entrance of a large, seemingly abandoned hotel or something...

    got incredibly high. i mean i was flying. i was floating. everything was smiley. the ground was shaped like a bowl.

    we walked around downtown montreal, i just took in the beauty of the huge city lights at night with all the dazzling lights and buildings and...urbanization.

    then midnight came, we had to go to the bar...

    our chaperones, two 21 year old college sutdents, a guy and girl, were drunk as skunks. we needed to walk them back to the hostel...

    the guy chapersone started taking pictures of us in the dark at like 4am saying it would be art one day...i have yet to see that art....

    fucking. fun.
  5. Oh man, my first time I tripped absolute balls! Everything was intense and I was watching myself from a third perspective. I was 12 and home alone at night. My life was shit, so I wanted an escape. It was good for the first hour or so, after that, I just wanted it to stop, so I went to bed. Crazy times :)

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