What was/is your favourite course in school?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tuor, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Simple enough - what course do you most enjoy?

    I'm a history nerd :cool:
  2. English! lol used to love writing..
  3. Same. History and Finance/Econ/Accounting classes are my shit. I also enjoyed Marketing but that class is all bullshit, its just the professor and class activities were useful and creative and entertaining.
  4. My overall favorite was CAD (drafting, mechanical design, programming CNC machines, etc.), and my favorite "core" class was and is math.
  5. Photography. I was interested in it, plus was also one hour of walking around campus, chilling in empty conference rooms, and not confronted due to having a photography pass.
  6. Math. Wasn't necessarily my favorite class, but it was one my easiest. My favorite would have to be TV Productions. Got to film random shit and was one of the easiest courses I've ever taken.
  8. History is my favorite. I hate chemistry, I had to take that class this year and I didnt understand anything so I used the class as a free period.
  9. I fuckin hated math, man...the day I finished my requirements for my degree in that subject might have been the proudest day of me fucking life. I bet graduation won't even be such a gratifying feeling. Oh, to be done with that shit once and for all!

  10. Lucky... i sucked at math..

  11. Ever since around 5th grade math just took off for me. Not really sure what it was, it just clicked you know what I'm saying.

  12. yeah English was like that for me
  13. i like sociology. i find it interesting.
  14. anthropology was pretty cool
  15. either history or science, not sure.
  16. Math = win
    Math > than all other courses
  17. i love history. im gonna be going to school to be a history teacher. :D

  18. If your a stoner your gonna be a cool ass teacher, don't be one of those uptight snobby ones that torture their students.
  19. Chemistry, Math, and History.

    Back in highschool, going to see how college goes. :cool:

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