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  1. im goin to buy a GrowLab 60 (2x2x5'3")...my main concern is ventilation..ill be putting the tent in my closet..i know i need a Carbon filter to control the smell..what size/kind of fan do i use? are the fans loud? what do i need to be completely smell proof in my house??

    any input will help..send me suggestions & new ideas..ill read it all!!!!

    burn it.
  2. smell is up to you. its not as bad as you think unless you are growing alot. as for cooling..thats a tougher nut to crack. removing the heat from the closet is fairly easy. dealing with that heat is much harder. fans ...yup a bunch of them or a large cfm The higher the cfm the more noise it makes. you still need to get rid of all that heat. a 400 w hps will warm up an average 12x 12 room in a couple of hours so you need a window or other way to remove the heat from the room too. beyond that its trial and error. everyone here uses the same ideas for slightly different grows. with a little fine tuning it will workout fine. last thing. when you get it all set up ...do a 24 hr dry run. all fans and lights running and monitor the temp and humidity. much better than killing the plants because of a not seen problem.. which is what i did first time..killed 3 plants, now i dry run before putting the cabinet into service (i have 3) and no more dead plants in the morning.
  3. I would use a squirrel cage blower for somethin that small.Plus u can get a speed controller tame sound down some.for the most part those tents kill vibration pretty good so I wouldn't think b issue.
  4. You got about I would loook for smallest 4" fan and filter.I have a 2x4x4 thats what i use and it works like a charm.those tents are the best thing since 5 gal buckets
  5. sorry you got bout 20 cu feet thats whats missin:smoking:
  6. custom built 3 cabinets , rooting, veg and bud..so i can grow assembly line style. the 3 cabinets cost about the same as one of those tents. but i also have a spare room i use ...

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