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what U think

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by magnier7, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. gonna be goin to a party next week and one the lads wants to get us all snortin coke. ill be havin a bag of weed aswell like. wha ya reckon is it safe to do both cos i never did coke before.... anyone did coke before wha it like
  2. I personally would never touch coke. Practically destroys your brain. But you should be fine as long as you know your limits and know what you are getting into.
  3. No dude don't try it. I'm willing to bet that you could be fine if you did it on your own or with close friends just to try it. But in a party situation, you would be snortin' all fucking night.
  4. If you aren't afraid of dying and have no future to look forward to, I say go for it.
  5. Smoke weed all you want. Other drugs = bad news.
  6. man dude dont do the coke just say no trust me its not worth it

  7. Your fucking ignorant.

    If you want to try it go for it. It is safe to mix the two nothing bad will happen. You can get addicted to coke very easily and you need to know your limits. To me honestly its not that great. In small doses its ok but be careful.

  8. [​IMG]
  9. It depends on the quality of Coke, Its like you pounded 50 cups of coffee at one time. The drainage makes your throat go numb and it feels like it is swelling shut (have a drink handy) Your heart well be beating out of your chest. ( The first time, I honestly thought my heart was going to explode). The only thing I like about Coke is the numbing feeling if you rub it on your gums (its very very bad to do that, thats why Coke heads lose teeth) Thats basically the high now for the shitty part of Coke. Its a very short high 30 mins max and you will start to come down. You will automatically want to do more Coke bc the come down is so shitty. You will feel anger,hate annoyed pretty much become a complete dick when your coming down. This is why people lock their selves in a room with an 8ball for 6 hours to avoid the come down. You will not be able to sleep, you will get on your own damn nerves with your thoughts. The next morning you will be on the toilet for a good hour or more. Thats pretty much what Coke does, it is by far my less favorite drug. A common rule for drug use is dont mix upper with downers its bad for your heart. If your going to do uppers do uppers if your doing downers do downers. Then another thing comes in to play. Some people are casual drug users while others are drug abusers (junkies). That first line of Coke you do may make you a junkie.I have done lots of drugs ( something Im not proud of) with people. Some of my friends could handle it and some turned into junkies who are in and out rehab every 6 months. I think Marijuana is the only thing that is worth doing, it is by far the best high. If I was you I would say no to coke and stick to the smoke.
  10. did you just ask if it was SAFE to do coke?

    lol i swear....
  11. Hahahahaha. :hello:

  12. frat!!
  13. I wouldn't fuck with coke, man. That shit can ruin your life.

    No pills, no powder. If it grows naturally, it's probably safe to use.
  14. just wanna know is it ok to mix em like. i no coke is bad obviously im not a prat like. i just dont no fuck all about coke cos i never did it before
  15. Smoke Weed. ONLY weed :smoking:
  16. Then I would say for starters, don't mix the both. If you must use cocaine, try it out in a comfortable setting and in small doses.

    Then if you dig it, and once you know your limits, you can mix the both if you feel comfortable.

    Never do something if it's uncomfortable or if you're getting pressured to do so.
  17. Coke is great, on occasion(not all the time).

  18. Coke is kinda natural :wave:
  19. snort that shit then blaze, by the way next time put in pandoras box bro

  20. Rofl.

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