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What u think??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Ballin' Toker, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I have artharitus n both my knees and adhd that have been diagnosed by a doctor. and i also have insomnia bad which i havnt talked to a doctor about, think these things would get me a card??? cause herb is the only thing that seems to help cause i have adhd meds... if not my family has a history of chronic migraines... i dnt have em but will act like i do cause i really want this cause of how much weed helps me... what r my chances of getting a card? and how do u ask for 1? like so they dnt think ur just makin up shit to get a medical card???
  2. Well, it sounds like your problems qualify for MMJ, so I don't see why you'd have to "make shit up." Just bring your old medical records and explain to the doctor how it helps you. Pretty simple.
  3. Ok. thank you very much...
  4. You don't need to fake it. You have legit medical problems! Why lie when the truth will do? Next time you go to your doctor request a copy of your medical record from when your were last treated for arthritis and any pills you have for either the ADHD or arthritis.

    Now your own doctor CAN recommend cannabis for your problems. But most won't! They are too scared of the feds! It won't hurt to ask!

    After your doctor refuses, print up the url for Granny's list (use the innocent site) :rolleyes: and then get the URLs for the studies on ADHD and arthritis and maybe even migraines and hand them to him. Let him look and learn.

    OK Back on track! Get those medical records! After that if you are over 18, it's easy! You go to the NORML site for California. Look at their list of friendly doctors. Make an appointment. Walk in with the cash and records. Then it is a normal doctor's visit with a cannabis lecture at the end! You pay the receptionist, she gives you a letter stating the doc recommends that you use pot! That is it, hon! You're legal! Grow 6 big plants and have 8 oz of bud.:hello:

    And guys Please contact Gov. Arnold, and urge him to sigh the MMJ job security bill! It will protect medical users (like me!) from getting fired for treating themselves with an ancient healing herb, cannabis!
  5. herb got my wig fried like a bad perm.
  6. ivan- if it had seeds, save them! lol - Granny :wave:

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