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What type weed has the strongest, STINKIEST aroma?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Lickhergood, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Not all pre-smoked strains smell the same.

    I need the name of the strain that has the most pungent, kick-ass odor. The potency and efficacy of the strain does not matter at all.

    I'm looking for the type of strain that smells ULTRA-STRONG, or would win a smell contest.

    I need the type of strain that, when you store a small amount of it of it in a vacuum type jar (i.e. an eighth ounce) you can still smell it even though it's stored in a sealed glass container. I have the fortunate privlege of being able to buy weed from a dispensary, so any strain you suggest will probrably be sold commercially by a medical marijuana dispensary.
  2. AK-47, or some good Cat Piss I hear is strong.

    And, assuming the surrounding air is clean of the smell and the jar is truly airtight, you shouldn't smell anything at all.
  3. umm... well grown skunk!
  4. despite the name, cat piss does indeed wreek of holy goodness in a stranglly subliminal "cat peeing in the fucking dryer again" way
  5. third post, marijuana scent CAN penetrate air tight glass containers, it just takes longer then i could not smoke weed that smells this good.
  6. I had this amazing NY sour d that stunk so bad when my parents came to visit over the holidays they told me I needed to have my house fumigated because it smelled of skunks haha. Funny part is the weed (an ounce) was sealed away in the mason jar in my attic. Only opened it a few times to toke too. Man that shit was strong. :smoking:
  7. My grandaddy purp reaked so good
  8. where in oregon u livin man? im comin through that way on my bike at some point

  9. If you go into a dispensary expecting a certain strain to smell bomb just because some guy on the internet told you so, you'll be disappointed. Since you have access to a dispensary, why not go in and SMELL what's there like I do.
  10. If the jar is TRUELY 100% air tight, then the smell simply can not leak out. Ever.

    However, without paying like $40+ for like..a good quality time-capsule container...you probably won't get a truely 100% air tight seal.

  11. You're not the only one in this thread espousing the same viewpoint. No matter who, I gotta say I disagree because:

    >as I type this I'm at a friends house. He has an eighth (and only an eighth, no more -no less) of weed stored in the Slom jar pictured below

    >at various times during the day, on an intermittant/sporadic basis, we can smell it from the UNOPENED jar when we're standing approximately 3 or 4 feet away

    >we can always smell it when we hold the UNOPENED jar up to our nose

    >we don't know the specific name of skunk weed it is as it was a 'gift' from a third party and they don't know the name of it, either

    And thanks for informing me that AK-47 and Cat Piss are two of the strongest smelling types of skunk weed money can buy:)

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    Why's that?
  13. Why are you so interested in getting smelly weed rather it is potent smoke or not?

    You just gonna keep a jar closed so when someone walks in theyll be like "DAMN wheres da dank?" and you can point to the jar and be like "Sealed." ?

    LOL. that could be a scene in the next stoner movie. :)

  14. if your gonna quote me dont cut it up so it says something that i didnt type.....

    anyways scents can saturate through just about anything (glass included) over time. thick glass could of course make this take years.
  15. grandaddy purple strongest i've had
  16. purple kush, so strong, though i was gna die
  17. skunk or catpiss
  18. Skunk, Trainwreck
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    We use the Internet for information gathering, that's why.

    Also, the dispensaries are not in my neck of the woods. Read: many miles away.

    So it's best to be armed with the proper info before you head out on a long trip.

    And...with some dispensaries: if they have a few patients waiting there in the waiting room, the dispensary tends to get a little impatient when a patient makes a ritual out of the procurement process. Ditto for the patients who are forced to wait their turn.

    We have two medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego, only two, and they both SUCK. The better ones are up in Long Beach and Los Angeles.
  20. cat piss is definetly the strongest ive smelled. i was in my room breakin it up and my friends could still smell it from down the hall. its the shit breh

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