What type of subs should I get?

Discussion in 'General' started by blowbud4life, May 17, 2006.

  1. I want to get subs for my car and I ahve decided between to brands. Apline or JL. I can get 2 SWR-1542D( 2000 watts each) or 2 Jl-12w6v2 12 in.( 400 watts each) and I'm getting 2 JL 500/1 amps or 2 JL 1000/1 amps. What should I get?
  2. what is your budget? ill pick out a better more effeciant system if ud like lol. BUt between the two, Alpine type r subs, are pretty much......worthless. Jl w6s, are some of the best sounding subs ive heard, but JL is over priced, and not worth the money. eclipse is a better company, better subs, stronger subs, more reliable. and cheaper.

    and 2 1000/1 amps are over kill for w6s, and have a 136 ampere draw from your alternator, so plan on upgrading all of that, which is another 3-5 hundred bucks. including a nice deep cycle battery.
  3. budget hmmm.... like 500-1500 dolloars and maybe more.
  4. well, jl audio 1000/1s run from a shop with a warranty(jl doesnt give warranties to online companies who sell there equipment) run close to 800 dollers each...so i dont know how 2 of those would fit a budget lol.

    BUT with a 1500 dollar budget.
    Hmmm. start with charging system
    350 amp h.o. alternator, www.mralternator.com to find price. lose to 2-300 plus another 100 for the deep cycle, so lets say that leave 1100 bucks to spend on subs, amps, wiring, and boxes.

    Btw what kind of car do you have and ill pick the rest out?
  5. i would listen to the man bb4L, he knows his shit
  6. EDIT ***************************** i forgot the most important question to ask. What are you trying to get out of your system? SPL, SQ, SQL??

    alright, well ill pick a couple different ones out cause im bored

    one 15 inch RE x.x.x (500 shipped to your door) www.reaudio.com
    amp to power it, if willing to spend the money the Re 12.1, same website. i think its like 400 bucks. That system will rattle and outpound anything you know of if u put it in a ported box, tune it to 32 hrtz, give it about 6 or 7 cubic feet.
    if u cant afford that amp after getting the sub, a cheap alternative, is a hifonics BX1500d, amp its 1500 watts rms to 1 ohm,(over rated, so really about 1450 watts) and is only 200 brand new.

    Midsize car
    1 12 inch eclipse Ti(350 shipped to your door)
    hmmm....amp depends really on what you want to do with this sub. its very versatile. I ran it with 2500 watts rms for awhile, and hit 152.4 dbs with it in my neon, in a ported box tuned to 45 hrtz with 5.9cubic feet after displacement. And i ran it with 550 watts rms and hit 143 dbs and it still maintained better sound quality than ANY SUB ive ever heard. So an interfire IB2900C amp might work well if u run it at two ohms bridged.

    ACTUALLY id suggest, the ed nine.1 for the amp, its 350 as well shipped to your door, i think the website is....www.edesigns.com not sure though.
  7. Dont get Eclipse subs-- my buddy had an Eclipse titanium one 12 in a slot ported box 1000 watt JBL amp running that -- blew that shit right up -- had two infinties in a regular MDF box with a divider -- same amp that JBL -- blew those up putting 500 watts to each which they help up for awhile but recommended 300 watts RMS to each-- so i mean he was almost doubling the power so dont get infinities-- id go with one 15 alumapros or two 12s of alumapros- make sure u have the right dimensions for the subs u get -- he also had some bostons -- 2 8 inchers in a home made 3/4 MDF right dimensions blew those up just with the turn on thump-- alumapros tho bro with a JBL 100 watt amp u be slammin-- peace
  8. r u fucking retarded? i had an eclipse ti running 2000 watts RMS to it, well actually it was 2400 watts rms to it for a few days, useing two borowed jl 1000/1s the local shop leant me to test out the TI, I could NOT blow it. U dont know what u think u know man.

    BTW, besides the JBL crown, and the old BP series amps, JBL audio SUCKS!!!

    i went to school for all this.

    and did i mention, my best friend still has that same exact Ti i sold him running 1500 watts to it, no problems. STILL!! after all the shit i put it through.

    edit, speaking OF the TI, i just called my friend to check on it, guess what he did today? hooked it up to a wall socket. Guess what, subs still going at the MAX like it should in his car. That sub is indestructable. Ur nuts
  9. god, i have so many corrections to make on bens post , i dont know where to start.

    First off, ANY sub can handle ANY amount of power, as long as it doesnt go over its voice coils heat it can take. what infinities were u talking about? the references? or the perfects?cause both are great subs. There sq subs though, not spl subs, you dont need t put 600 watts to them, there motors are very efficient.

    Boston acoustics is known for there speakers, not there subs.
  10. i am disappointed. i saw subs and thought of food. so i click the link and find out it's about systems. so sad.
  11. hahaha, i get more excited about car audio and electronics than i do weed.

  12. dude i feel you. for the midsize car I would have said get a treo. But the xxx sick. my friend was just telling me hes getting rid of his 15 xxx and getting an 18. He's gonna run it on a mcintosh 3 mcintosh amps, and this is all going into his caprice its gonna bang the fuck out.

    and whoever posted this listen to him because he is clearly a man who knows quality. +rep it makes me smile to see someone posting a recomendation for something other than kicker, RF, apline, JL, or audiobahn(ahhhhh audiobahnnnnnnnn ewwwwww) it blows me away, this isnt even a car audio forum, or a car forum at that, its a site about chronic!!!! +rep for sure.:hello:
  13. thank you very much. its very nice to beable to have a convo about car audio with someone that knows something about car audio. because 99 percent of the people who talk shit about systems, are retarded h.s. students who went to BB or CC and asked a few questions about the MTX or Kicker lines, and now they know everything!!!
    ive heard SOoOO many different things.
    i had someone put a fucking 100 doller bill in my face and said, i heard u know systems, i guarantee my 2 12 inch mtxs(i think he had the 7500s)will outpound any of your systems. i took the bet, i said let me hear it, i heard it, said follow me to my house, he goes why? i go, because my system in my car right now isnt in your league, i have to go home and get my shitty stuff so u can think u have a chance lol

    i went home and got 2 OLD 90's infinities i got for free from a cousin, both had the surround seperated from the cone, i repaired them. and i beat his ass with 2 10's. he was like, but but but but.....

    SORRy, /endrant about retarded people who think they know systems.
  14. ok. I drive a 1999 Acura TL. You sure do know your stereo equipemnt. I know alot about fixing cars. Since my career is a mechanic.
    I think I'm gonna get a a deep cycle battery like a Yellow Optima battery first. Mainly I want lots of bass but not too much where my car rattles.
  15. ewwwww....nice car dude, id love to have one. i hate my neon.
    but yea, the yellow top is the best deep cycle battery out right now, well....it depends really, red tops are good too.

    But do u want sq(sound quality), spl(sound pressure level) or sql(a mix between the two)

    and my career is also a mechanic, i start gateway in the fall for, auto tech, auto mechanics, and auto body. Brown mackie college at the same time for a business degree.

    then i get to open my own shop! yay!
  16. ^^^Nice I'm currently in a 2 year ASE Certified Technicain Program. I want a mix of both sq and spl.
  17. wow cool program. gateway is like a retard auto mechanics school lol, but its all ican afford.

    well im off to bed cause of court, so in the morning ill start thinkin of somen good for that car.
  18. thanks for all the help.
  19. bump. I'm getting a new paint job first and a battery so subs and amp will have to wait.
  20. haha alright, i was just going to say, get a Re SX(250), maybe a 15. put a jl 1000/1 on that. or any amp that puts 500-1000 watts RMS of true power onto it. and u will have one of the loudest sytems u have ever heard. Put it in a slot ported box tuned to 28 hrtz.

    WILL cause hearing loss!

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