What type of "stoner" are you?

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  1. ^^^jew hair <3
  2. class clown turned stoner

    edit: usually the only girl in the circle too :laughing:
  3. I'm a productive stoner (without trying to sound conceited).

    Go to school, take care of my daughter, look for a job, and smoke at night or on weekends. c:
  4. Thanks for the input guys keep it up...i guess im also a stereotypical stoner the loose fitting clothes layed back and calm but also outgoing no clue what to classify me as.
  5. Hippie stoner , in the sence that i love playing my records on the record player (i have 2 recor players) and i fucking love all music- especially from the late 50s-80s B)
  6. Domestic stoner. I prefer to smoke alone then garden, clean house, and bake fancy munchies. Certainly makes housework more enjoyable.

    also, first post. hello all! :p
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    I'm as close to generic stoner of the early 2000's as you can get

    Non descript hoodie.

    Old as jeans I can't remember the last Time I washed.

    Rooming with my metal head stoner friend growing bud in a studio apartment in LA

    When I'm not at work I'm on my couch listening to jazzy hip hop and writing lyrics or playing video games.. Lol
  8. The one who likes to smoke and look at the stars and realize that its the planet moving and not the stars.
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    Longhair, golf hat, jeans n flipflops type stoner... im a clusterfuck or a bum. Call it what you want.
  10. Welcome to the city! :hello:

    I don't really have a "type", i like to burn and chill out on the comp, go for hikes, or even just to start my day off. Right now is about a good time for a toke :smoke:

  11. Ill smoke to that:smoke:
  12. Chill Stoner.

    Who plays sports, video games, and just ponders about life.
  13. Rocker/Metalhead stoner. Long hair, jeans, 70s/80s Metal/rock band T shirt
  14. Liike to smoke with others and alone. I wear tees with jeans ad white Jordan's always. Smoke everyyy day
  15. I work from home so occasionally I will toke in the daytime, but its mainly at night after I put my kid to bed. Also, I really like to toke before exercising and of course playing music. Definitely don't look the part, but I sure enjoy playing the part. I like it that way.
  16. Jock stoner love sports
  17. Intellectual stoner! I work in Special Education, read PubMed for fun (and gathering stuff for my List*) and I do genealogy. I'm artistic- I quilt, paint sculpt and write. Cannabis is a "mind-lubricant" for me- ideas slip and slide into new configurations! Plus I love to educate you kids about what cannabis can do for you (besides "just" get you high! :smoke:)

    Granny :wave:

    *See the bottom of my sig to get your own free copy! You can use it as a source for that MMJ paper you want to write, or to demolish the lies of prohibition :devious: (always fun), or to educate a friend or relative with the actual medical facts! :D For a preview of what you will get, click that first link in my sig- that shows you the SMALL GC version! :eek: With my List, it is easy to become the local "Ganja Guru"! :smoke:

  18. Deep thanks for the input brother i now have a new admiration for you :wave:

  19. did you just call granny brother :eek:

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