What type of "stoner" are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by PunchingZebra, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Im a athletic stoner. I work out and play sports but still smoke every damn day..

    What are you?
  2. Rocker stoner long hair pink Floyd band tees est
  3. idk. i guess im closest to the stereotypical stoner. thats actually why i started smoking lol. i figured it was the only thing missing.
  4. I ride bikes, work 48 hours a week at a hospital, rock climb, smoke every day

    I'm quiet, shy and reserved
  5. Computer geek/gamer stoner
  6. Freak stoner, I'm my own category.
  7. I am a loner stoner,
    stoking his boner,
    with lyrics that'll own ya.
    And im gonna phone ya,
    and offer to blow ya!!

    Oppotunistic smoker, likes to smoke alone, makes retarded lyrics in my head that are centered around sexual acts that have no real direction.
  8. I'll take that offer. :ey:
  9. I'm a spiritual, mindful stoner. People come to me for advice.
  10. If you saw me you'd probably think I was a metalhead stoner. I wear Iron Maiden and other metal shirts, black wristbands, dark jeans. I guess it's the closest 'type' to me.
  11. Im the soft type of smoker lol
    When I smoke no fuck is given so theres no stress lol
    If I blaze in the morning I just spend all day outside fucking looking at everything mother nature offers to look at
    Yeah im high right now blades
  12. I work with kids at an after school program, full time JC student, full time parent, certified crossfit trainer, and a learning enthusiast, also a huge procrastinator when it comes to school work. I have a paper due on the 28th it was assigned at the beginning if the semester lol no problem. Anyone else master the art of procrastination? I smoke atleast 3 blunts a day and various hits from my pieces. And some how I make time for video games... I should probably study instead of the games.
  13. athletic stoner :smoke:
  14. im a smoke weed type of stoner
  15. Money makin stoner
  16. I'm that weird stoner who you would suspect is formulating plans to take over the world. Plans that little beknownst to you will actually work this time...
  17. I just hang out but if I need to get stuff done I will. More prone to sitting around and eating.
  18. I dress up in my Husband's plaid shorts, band tees, Sperry's and smoke then go for a nice walk listening to my ipod really loud. Now usually I am paranoid about people because I've had social anxiety disorder, for about 7 or so years, but when I'm stoned, I feel like a G.
  19. Musician stoner
  20. Techno stoner. Happy hardcore, trance, and dubstep. Black cargo pants, band or funny shirts, full beard, shaggy jew hair.

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