what type of stemless is best?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by uhmmyea, May 17, 2010.

  1. i want to get a stemless for my next piece.

    i wanna choose between these percs.

    swiss cheese by wicked sands
    inverted 4 by SG
    inverted showerhead by stone glass works
    or the waffle by sgw, (i know this is a fixed stem

    what are your opinions on the ones i named. as in how easy it is to pull, how smooth the hit is?

  2. I had a natural perc'd "stemless" manifest not long ago and I loved the shit out of that tube.

    You will def. be happy with your purchase. Although of the ones you named, I don't have any experience with
  3. the waffle is the airiest pull with verrry effective diffusion and cooling.
  4. If you haven't checked them out, try and find a SG stemline
  5. id have to say waffle all the way!

  6. I find it too airy actually. I prefer my SG inv4 which has got a bit more chug and just as much, if not more diffusion.
  7. Swiss cheese and showerheads are the only stemless I've tried. Both hit excellently.
  8. This!
  9. i think you have stemless and fixedstems confused.
  10. ^Very true. My b, stemline is a fixed stem. As for a stemless, I suggest Syn showercap.
  11. Fuck all of them get a Nate Dizz Swiss perc.
  12. lol! from left field!
    ive seen vids of the ndizz
    looks as if it hits like multiple natural percs.

  13. i did purchase the 21.5" tall showercap from syn off of ALT

    cant wait for it to come in.
  14. Nah it's a totally new smoking experience. It's insane.

    Mine got broken but I'm getting a new one made just now.
  15. Good choice. Throw up a milk vid/pics when it arrives :D
  16. Too bad a NateDizzle piece would cost over double all the things he posted up.

    go for the waffle or inverted four (whether you want a smooth or chuggy hit)

  17. i got the syn showerhead fixed stem

    and what do you mean by chuggy? like hard to pull?

    what do you think the pipe i got will be like?
  18. Chug isn't necessarily like drag, just less smooth :D. Kind of hard to describe, but you know the difference immediately when you hit a tube whether it's smooth or chuggy after trying a bunch of different stuff.

    The syn showercap should be a good smooth pull, I've heard very good things about them. I'm a big single chamber fan and a showercap mini is on my list to try. They're supposed to be really great oil rigs.
  19. Man, I was going to order one of those tall showercaps, but they sold out earlier today and I ended up ordering one of the short ones. I can't wait until mine arrives! Unfortunately, I'm leaving on a 10 day long trip the day after its supposed to arrive though :(

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