what type of plant?

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  1. I didn't really know where else to put this...

    my father have me a "tree"? recently and I have no idea what type of plant it is. he called it a money tree and I have no idea what that means.

    don't blame me for how small the pot is either, my room is small.


    thanks for any help in advance.
  2. doesn't look anything like it.

    the leaves are single, there's only one stem. and it's kind if spiky.
  3. in india the A"money plant" is usually a long vine like plant....urs almost looks like rubber plant
  4. I don't know about that.

  5. neither do i
  6. same. I just googled money tree.
  7. its not a money tree hahaha
  8. it's a plant in a pot

    pot plant! win
  9. its a nice little indoorish plant.

    dont give it too much sun light, but that doesnt mean keep it away from the sun.

    just give it a nice little shady spot. or an indoor spot that gets alot of sun. indirect sun.
  10. how come you have shelving units with nothing on em and lamps with no bulbs? lol
  11. heres a rubber plant i found on the web

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  12. it's not a rubber plant lol.

    stoner projects :D.

    sooo no clues anyone?
  13. image-1370921079.jpg

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  14. "her green fake watering can, for her fake chinese rubber plant"---i got no more
  15. not a clue; I'm pretty knowledgeable of plants and even flipped through a pretty large visual key book I got. Has similar features to a bunch of shit I know coupled with other features that don't match lol.. dunno many, ima go with the pot plant suggestion ;)
  16. man kill that boughy looking shit and grow some good sinsemilla shorty
  17. I already am! I love growing other plants too, I still have no idea what it is.
  18. very surprised no one can halp.

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