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What type of marijuana user are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by LyingUnderOath, May 10, 2012.

  1. #1 LyingUnderOath, May 10, 2012
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    There are different types of users. For example,
    1) The ones that like to chill and stay under the radar. They hang out with a few of their very good friends or smoke by themselves, enjoying life and improving themselves. These people generally tend to not get in trouble with the law. They keep information about their usage to themselves or within close friends

    2) The party-goers. The ones that use marijuana much more recreationally than as a self-improvement or healing tool . Usually dont have much knowledge about the drug. They often get caught up with the law. They openely "announce " their usage.

    These are just some examples of the types of users I've noticed. Personally, I would fall under example 1.

    What type of user do you think you are? Doesn't have to be the ones listed.
  2. Im number potato.
  3. (2) fuck stayin home dude out on the go high is were its fucking at....i just like doing shit im more physically active then not....
  4. [quote name='"PunchingZebra"'](2) fuck stayin home dude out on the go high is were its fucking at....i just like doing shit im more physically active then not....[/quote]

    Haha I feel you man. I used to do the same. I actually still do that sometimes depending on which group of friends I'm hanging out with. I prefer not to, but it can be fun sometimes to "party"
  5. 1 describes me, booze is for parties, save weed for chilling and don't be a douche bragging to everyone about it
  6. Smoking for me is completely creative. I don't really dig social smoking. I'd rather sit in my garage, play my guitar, and smoke some green.
  7. Sometimes I try to act like a 2, but I feel like I'm a 1. It would be nice to have new people to smoke with, but I do my best not to be obnoxious about weed.
  8. number 1 for sure
  9. How dare you compare me to a number 1 and number 2! OF WITH HIS HEAD!
  10. #1. It's harder to get busted with weed if you never take it outside the house.
  11. I don't advertise my use(I dress nice, no potleafs anywhere etc.).
    But I don't really hide it either. I'm a daily smoker, I don't really go to 'parties', I'd rather have a friend or two over to my place. I work and I'm always improving myself through Christ. Pot doesn't impact me negatively but postively(well drains some $ but that's besides the point). What does that make me? A responsible pot smoker?

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