What type of high do u get?

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  1. i have no clue but i feel like im in s box somtimes or other times im like tipping over
    or sometime i shake alot cuz i think im in like something but thats when im relly high
    the most thing i love about smokin is the the high but who doesnt and the smoke i love blowing it out makes me feel OG
  2. A lot of times it's mental. When I talk it's more like I'm laughing but putting words into the laughter. And then my body just feels really fucking good.
  3. my high is mental/cognitive/sensitive
    i feel like thoughts and memories have an easier time connecting and my thoughts and feelings make more sense. and i feel more empathetic to other people's feelings. i find it easier to appreciate things usually taken for granted...and it makes me touchy feely.

  4. your way to smart for me but um when im high i feel completely retarted ;like if i talkin to you i 4get what im saying i have no clue what im saying then i laugh
  5. everytime i move my head its like im turning a page in a book and i cant go back to see what happend on the last page and i forget abolutely everything that happend or was said
  6. when im high i always just feel passionate about whatever im doing. normally i find this a great opportunity to do homework, read, play piano or watch a good movie, watch tv, etc. most people find it quite odd that i do all of these things when im high as hell but honestly it makes it much more of a challenge and brings out my creativity. this is normally when im alone, but if im smoking with a large group of people i usually get a more adventurous high where i want to go run around outside and have long conversations and talk about funny hypothetical situations or just cruise around and listen to some tunes...my highs are absolutely amazing
  7. I tell this to everyone but then people look at me like: Who is this retard?

    But when i get high i feel like my whole body is encased in some sort of gel-like substance and everything is moving slow motion. Making it quite easy for me to play video games, because i feel like im moving regular speed while the world is going slow.
  8. when Im high I LOVE coming up with horribly funny situations that could happen
  9. When I'm high everything EVERYTHING seems SO intense and SO funny. Seriously. One time me and my friend laughed for like 10 mins about how bad I wanted the other friend to hurry up so we could go grocery shoping. This is how I usually get this and kind of stupid and everything feels so slow.

    Sometimes I sit around watching everyone and making and stating witty hilarious observations like one time I told my friend EXACTLY down to the detail what he was thinking. And he just laughs and says you're right you're right! I love being able to pin (some) people down to detail.

    Sometimes I feel like I just understand the universe. Like I know something. Like puzzle pieces just fall into place. It all clicks and it leaves me in wonderment.

    When I first started smoking and still sometimes now I'd hallucinate. Mainly auditory. Like this one time I thought my friend asked for a cig. Looking back I think I was thinking about how he always asks for a cig after we toke up but the memory was so intense that it was like it was really happening so I look at him and say "here you go" and hold out a cig. He says I didn't ask for one... And I felt so stupid because these other people just showed up and were randomly talking to us in the parking lot and it was the first time I had hot boxed in my car and I was SO high I didn't know what anyone was talking about and just kept rambling about shoes or something.

    In short. stupid. laughy. contemplative. slowed down. oh yeah and sometimes paranoid. and creative.
  10. Every time I get high my body just feels paralyzed, and when I open my mouth to talk, this high pitched voice comes out, and I can't help it. It also just makes me so damn happy and everything I do is in slow motion. I need to get some more weed...now.:cool:
  11. reading everyones storys makes me laugh like really especially the on who said he pulled out a cig and the kid didnt ask lmao
  12. Thats the kind of high I get when Im high and alone. I feel like i have a completely different perspective on things in my life when im high. Its actually made me change the way I think and behave because I just suddenly have an eye opening experience.

    Other times though, especially when I get really baked with my friends and watch a movie or something I get that stoned high where you just laugh and forget things but everything is just so much better and more fun.

    ...Man weeds great:hello:
  13. whenever I get high I feel like water is flowing through my arms and legs ...its pretty weird but its awesome. Usually when the high sets in im just looking all around and im a little more active, but then I settle in and just get real mellow and stuff starts flowin through my body.
  14. QuestionMark?
  15. +rep for hypothetical situations! Good times right there.
  16. I believe that the high every time is different. sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. but for me the general high is a cool effect of where its seems like the world is a puzzle (like a jigsaw) and im a piece, almost in, like a piece just hovering over the hole of where the piece goes.

    but whatever man I love it all. :metal::smoking:
  17. me:

    everything is fine. the world and its problems and its crazy fucking people can wait another 5 minutes. warm. good. funny. exciting. passionate. FUN

  18. yeah i can relate to that.
  19. i am really overanalytical. i think of different hypothetical situations and funny shit that's happened. i talk about the past and funny things that have happened. i talk about weed. i think about things too much. i think slower, and every word counts.
  20. my highs are different mostly depending on what kind of weed i just smoked... i also think that your high can be different if you smoke a different pipe/bong/joint than usual...

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