What type of gamer are you?

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  1. So, you're playing multiplayer on your system of choice, how do you interact with the players? Are you a casual gamer who plays for yourself or a group of friends, focus on fun over winning? Or are you more competitive, play to win, take no prisoners, calling out mistakes of teammates or making sure the other team feels miserable?

    I've been playing video games since I was four but I consider myself a casual gamer. If I'm good at a game I let my performance speak for itself and I enjoy playing against opponents that require some amount of strategy change and/or teamwork. I find the trash talk annoying especially when little kids do it constantly. I got enough of that playing Counterstrike 1.6 on a public server so I avoid games with team/all-talk whenever possible especially on XBox Live. I got introduced to one guy through a friend playing WaW Zombies but he flipped out whenever someone did something wrong, so I just stopped playing with him--my friend did too, eventually.

    So what about you, Blades? What's your style?
  2. I've been playing WoW for a while, and got into a really good raiding guild. We were the kind of guild who only went for perfection, so once someone messes up you have to call them out. On the plus side - we accomplished our goals.
    Also, if you're good, WoW is incredible to play while stoned. I wouldn't recommend healing (which is what I do), because it is very stressful. Once you get the hang of it all, its very fun, and you can trip out to the giant dragons and shit that you're trying to kill.
  3. I hated that kind of guild, but it was some what necessary. I was with my guild from pre-bc to 25 man Lich King when I said fuck it because it really became a second job. So now I'm way more casual with everything. Also I'm pretty bad at shooter games on consoles, I used to play the hell out of Halo PC and BF2. But not much has changed for FPS games since then which led me to start enjoying RPG games.
  4. I play to kill time mostly or I get the urge while baked
  5. There's a lot of things I take seriously in life.

    Thankfully, video games will never be one of them.

    I play strictly for entertainment value, otherwise what's even the point?
  6. I'm in between. I'm competitive so I usually play to win, but I don't yell at my teammates if they do poorly or call anyone out, I might get a little annoyed but I wouldn't start raging on them. I never trash talk, even in real sports. Unless I'm playing with friends or playing css I don't even talk to my teammates and usually mute everyone if they are talking a lot. It also depends on the game, If it's one I'm familiar with I'll try hard to win but if it's one that I don't play a lot or are just starting I won't care very much. If I had to chose between the two options I'd say I'm on the side of competitive/pro though.
  7. Entertainment.

    I like FPS games like Rainbow six and counter strike. The only ONLINE game I play is the Counterstrike. I just go in, and kill some people, and get out.

    I like turn based games, like Civilization and Heroes of might and magic.

    I do play Real Time Strategy games, like Starcraft or warcraft, but I'm not very good at it coz I take too much time to decide on what to do.

  8. Dude for real, some of the fights say the first boss in ICC on 25 man. Shit is crazy. I played a warrior tank for a while. I mean there's a skull thingy flying around and setting shit on fire.

    I also play WoW, but PvP instead of PvE. Nothing like ganking someone else, knowing they're probably pissed since they died. ;)

  9. This dude:smoke:

    You know what's up man
  10. I pwn faces. If you can't, you'll hear something about it, whether or not you're on my team.

  11. ^This, accept with some shit talking thrown in for laughs :D.
  12. i am a very casual player, but often times i get in the zone and get competitive, and somehow, not tryin to brag, but it often seems im the one supporting the team, especially in FPS's..and it makes me wonder why the hell everyone isnt baked off their asses, then maybe i wouldnt have to be holdin us up!!
  13. I used to be a diehard fan of WoW and alot of MMO's but i ended up spending too much time playing them. I play FPS alot, battlefield bad company 2 ( PC ) alot now, when i wake up, when i come home, when im baked, when ever i have the chance lol
  14. Competitive/pro.

    I can't stand with the recreational crowd due to their stupidity. I love compete others on any game. Give me a game, I'll start pwning.
  15. I'm a bit of both. Like to win of course but I don't devote.

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