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What type of bong is this

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by yunggolfer, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. I just recently was given this bong. Have looked around and can't find anything like it. Any help?


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  2. looks like a bubbler mate. or fer dabs with the right pieces
  3. That my friend is a bubbler, which is basically just a small bong

    Happy toking!

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  4. That's a Oil rig used for dabbing.
  5. It looks like an oil rig with an adapter on it to smoke flower.
  6. Its a bubbler. I wouldn't call it an oil rig though since it doesn't actually have the oil attachments (which is the part I refer to as the rig, not the piece itself). Its just a 'scientific' style bubbler which just happens to be what is commonly used for oil
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    i think thats a dome dude. 
    i mean i think the guy has a dome so its an oil rig
  8. It most certainly is an oil rig that's why it has a male male joint instead of a female joint.
  9. Oil rig to me just cause it resembles all the other rigs they make. Plus just how that Dome sits over that down stem and not inside of it.
  10. thats the terms im looking for. For some reason when it comes to oil rigs i dont know why. i just brain fart on the male and female terms.
  11. I'm pretty sure it has a bowl with a female end I don't see a nail in his piece
  12. I've gotten pieces that don't come with nails and he doesn't even know what it is so it's possible... idk it looks like a dome to me is that really a bowl
  13. I didn't even notice that haha. I thought it was just a regular female joint, my bad. I don't come across male joint pieces that often since oil is outrageously expensive here.

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