What type and size of jars are best for curing?

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  1. I was just wondering what you guys think are the best type and size of jars for curing are? i.e clip top jars or screw top jars? and 0.5 litre, 1 litre or 1.5 litre jars? etc...
  2. Ball Mason Canning jars. Half Gallon.
    Add a 62% Boveda pack to each.
    Should be about 2 dollars each by the case of 6.
    12.99 at most Ace hardware store or Walmart.
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  3. Depends on how much product ya got to be cured and stored. Mason jars come in all dif sizes.
  4. ok cheers, what are the reasons? as some people say use 'quart size' etc...

    Also I thought clip top jars would be more airtight because of the plastic seal and strong clip, am I wrong?

    and one last thing, why the boveda pack, what does this do? I've heard of using a hygrometer but why the boveda pak also?
  5. I have at least 50 oz to be dried, cured and stored
  6. Yeah man. Hope all goes well with the cure and storage.
  7. thanks, type and size of jar do you recommend?
  8. The half gallon is the largest of the low cost jars Ball sells. Quarts are fine you'll just need a lot more of them.
    Either the clip or screw work equally well just the screw top is usually cheaper
    Boveda Humidity control packs make the cure perfect every time and don't let the weed get to dry to where curing stops.
    I use a 60 gram pack in each jar.

  9. Mason or ball I wouldn’t go to big on the jars try to keep all the buds around the same size in the jars so the moisture is distributed evenly.
  10. Ok man cool, cheers. Does the weight of the Boveda pack matter?

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  11. Yes it does. The very small packs don't do well in a large jar of weed. I've found the 60 gram to work best in the quart or 1/2 gallon jars.

    Hydroponics Boveda 62% RH, 67 grams - 20 pack brick | Horizen Hydroponics

    A brick pack of 20 is usually the best deal.
  12. I was about to order some of these but the 60 gram ones are like $4.20 each. Way too expensive. Amazon has the 8 gram ones for $1.43 each though. Are the 8 gram ones good enough for Quart jars?

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