What TWEAKS you out?

Discussion in 'General' started by Chicagos Finest, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. we have all tweaked when high at some point....so what caused it?
  2. by tweak do you mean meth? lol

    no i dont do meth

    i did heroin once and it was probably the best drug experience ive ever had but i didnt do it again cuz i heard it was dangerous as fuck
  3. although i would do it again if it was around but i dont know anyone that has heroin
  4. Don't do heroin...

    mmm I have never tweaked as I do not smoke meth but uhh....yea not sure what you mean by tweak? I get paranoid sometimes but I don't tweak.
  5. Tweak? Ive never done meth but I was tweaking once after a mini adderall binge.

    Took 60mg one morning, when I usually take 40mg over a span of the whole day. Lips/hands were somewhat blue (vasoconstriction) and I was freaking out. Got home, couldnt sleep, next day missed school, while trying to sleep shadows were moving, seeing things move in the corner of my eye.
  6. rocks.
  7. meth/shards crack/rocks

  8. ice. and yes...its the shitttt my 2nd favorite drug :D

    (after weed of course)

  9. Nothing, seeing as I've never done meth. Ever. But I do remember an occasion where I got way too high (heartrate increased dangerously, couldn't breathe, worried that "the end was near") and although I KNEW I had my hands in my lap, I could have sworn I kept poking my pinky finger into the corner of my eye... I could feel the wetness on my finger and my eyeball was tender but I never once moved my hands from my lap. Definitely wigged me out a bit.
  10. are u guys sure op means meth?

    unless there he was sarcastifc and i missed it, is he talking about twitching when high on pot? No i have never twitched.
    if off topic ignore lol
  11. that glassy shit make me tweak cuzzzz.

    forreal though a couple fat white vapory hits of some icy SHARDZ MAKES ME TWEAK THE FUCK OUT

    but no ive never tweaked off pott
  12. you guys shouldnt hate on hard drugs if you're not going to do it.

    yea addiction sucks but you have NOT been high if you havent done heroin.
  13. i'm not sure where you guys are from but in my area 'tweakin' means doing something 'noobish' or 'weird' its kind of hard to explain. Or it could mean paranoid, like "damn i just saw 5-0 i'm tweakin!!"

    I tweaked really hard the 2nd time i smoked.. I still remember it to this day lol.. I was 15 and I was smoking with my brother and his girlfriend because they never saw me high before.. We were smoking some dank shit, i was too much of a noob to know how good it was but it must've been some good shit because i was trippin balls (almost literally). I was super baked and for some reason I felt a severe pain in my 'groin area' . It started out gradually and at first I was just complaining but it kept getting worse... This shit hurt so bad i seriously started holding my nuts and literally crying like a little bitch.. it seriously felt like someone kicked me in my balls hard as hell. My brother and his girlfriend didn't know what to do and they were tweakin out but it eventually went away and they just ended up getting pissed that i blew their high ...

    I still have no idea what caused this.. I'm not sure if I was just too high and my mind was playing tricks on me or what but it was some crazy shit.. This really turned me off to smoking for a while because I was scared.. I didn't smoke again until about a year later.

    Worst tweak moment of my life
  14. sometimes il get really high and my heart will be beating really fast, i think im gonna have a heart attack or something. il bury my face in my pillow and put pressure on my heart and just pray for it to pass.

    this happened to me like 3 or 4 times in my life, other than that ive never had anything that id REMOTELY consider a "bad experience" from weed though
  15. im from china, moved to nj then moved to de for college

    for me tweaking means tripping balls on hard drugs like meth lol.
  16. Well right now im high as hell, and im in the same room where my lizard is, along with the crickets. and that chirping noice its reeallly bugging me out. Its like im going CRAZY!!

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
  17. I'll do heroin when I'm 65. My cognitive abilities are all I have right now.
  18. i take it jack isnt a prostitute?
  19. I can hate on anything, just like people can hate weed. I don't think its worth it to doing something like heroin that can truly fuck with you, but I won't hate on a PERSON who does it...their choice, I'm for complete legalization I just don't think its a good choice, but again its not up to me that's all :hello:

    Umm anyway, for future reference OP no one will say they tweak off weed on these forums because tweaking is for meth heads

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