What TV shows do you like the most?

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. I'm a Sci-Fi geek, but here goes my top 5 of best TV shows ever.

    Twin Peaks
    Star Trek - Next Generations
    The Sopranos
    Star Trek - Voyager

    What is yours? Bold and the Beautifull, Dallas, The A-Team, The wonder years? I'm curious.....


  2. seinfeld
    south park
    news radio
    kids in the hall
    daily show
  3. i like....
    insomniac (on comedy central)
    kids in the hall
    and family guy
  4. i love comedy....so i gotta say (in no particular order):

    Comedy Central Presents
    Family Guy
    Cosby Show
    Andy Ricther Controls the Universe

    theres a bunch more i should list...but i cant remember them
  5. South Park
    Comedy Central Presents
    Whose line is it anyways (the new one, the british one sucks)
    Crank Yankers
    Half Baked (So what its not a show, its fucking awsome)
    The Daily Show
    Kids In the Hall
  6. Seinfeld
    Win Ben Steins Money
    Kids in the Hall
    Daily Show

  7. late at night in virginia, on local TV they sell swords.

    there used to be a show on HBO in like 96 or something called Mr. Show.


  8. Man there is so many good T.v shows these days i find it hard to chose 5 but if i had to it would be.....

    The Simpsons
    Worlds wildest police vidioes
    Only Fools and hourses
    One Foot in the grave

  9. simpsons
    family guy
    Any Kevin Smith flick
  10. Simpsons
    King of the Hill

    (basically any adult cartoon on Comedy)

    The X-Men: Evolution
    CSI: Crime Scene Investagation
    Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
    Law and Oder
    Criminal Intent
    Boston Public

    Trading Spaces
  11. "Any Kevin Smith flick"

    dude Kevin Smith is the Shit! I love Mallrats! And Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back... And Dogma... and come to think of it i like Chasing Amy too!
  12. ha ha ha Ya missed Clerks too..that movie is the shit
  13. dude they show seinfeld and friends over there woody????
  14. Simpsons
    Daily Show
    Iron Chef
    Family Guy ~~~ WHERE IS THAT AT?!?!
  15. Seinfeld
    any of the Law & Order shows
    Cops (learned a few useful things from this show, plus I like to toke while watching them!)
  16. how about !!! monty python , the young ones, the goodies , dr who, the old star trek whose line is it ayway ( both versions) roseann, hermans head , dinisours , martin, fresh price of belair, the three stuges, ( yes im a woman & i love the stuges) & little rascles , dont get me wrong im not that old reruns are the greatest !!!!! have a good one!!
  17. Simpsons
    Dave Chappelle's comedy special
    I thought 24 was a great show. It was cool how it was one day and every episode was one hour out of the same 24 hour day.
  18. What is Dave Chappel's Comedy special on? Or is it just like a one time thing?
  19. nobody else said That 70's Show?! I love Red & Kitty :D
    Anyway other than that one here goes:

    Scooby Doo (my favorite for 22 years)
    24 (anyone?)
    People's Court
    Pete & Pete
    andddddddddddddddd when all else fails NOGIN at night is the best. i'm a sucker for kid shows, like degrassi and clarissa etc. i discovered it a few weeks ago and am hooked, and phishhead is going crazy begging me to change the # to the 10 o'clock news, or cosby, or ANYTHING BUT NOGIN

    ah but something about being supastoned & watching pete & pete is the best feeling ever.
  20. south park
    jerry springer
    music videos on mtv
    and the 1 and only spongebob squarepants

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