What tv character are you?

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  1. What tv character (past or present) do you most identify with?

    I'll start: lorelai from Gilmore Girls

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  2. Rodney Ruxin from The League. We both have a cold monotone voice. And he makes fun of people with really subtle sarcasm while they think it's a legitimate conversation. Which is one of my favorite ways to fuck with people. The voice helps disguise the mockery  :laughing:
  3. Cosmo Kramer
  4. Will Graham from Hannibal LOL
  5. Louie from the show Louie.
  6. My friends say I'm very like Daria
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  7. Jim

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  8. I've been told I look like the protagonist from falling skies (the guy with the beard) but i don't see it
  9. As much as I'd love to be like someone cool, such as Rick Grimes, everyone says I remind them of Dwight Shcrute from The Office (even though personality wise I'm nothing like him because he's a huge jerk), I wouldn't be surprised if people saw me like Morty from Rick and Morty either.
  10. I decided a few months ago that I am Eric Foreman :laughing:


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