What Turns You Off?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by jizzledfreq, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Well, last night I came to bed and was going to try to initiate sex with my girlfriend (which if you've seen my previous threads, I usually get denied) because she was awake when I came to bed. The minute I laid down, she says, "I'm thirsty..." Immediately gets up and goes to the kitchen to get a drink, grabs a piece of pizza, comes back to bed and eats it.

    All I could hear was the sound of her chewing, even with her mouth closed. *chomp* *chew* *squish*...

    I was instantly turned off... All I could think about was the smell of garlic, and how I'd be able to smell it on her breath... I didn't think I had any turn offs until last night.

    So blades and bladies, what are your turn offs?
  2. That too turns me off, the sound of people eating, breathing heavily also. I hate when a guy smells bad or has smelly breath or smells of food. I'm really turned off if my partner tries to rush into sex, I like some foreplay. Boring sex really turns me off, I can't get into it unless its some fun, dirty stuff.
  3. Def cigarettes, when I see a girl smokin' them I'm already disgusted
  4. hahaha OP
    for me personality can be the biggest turn off of all
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    Cigarettes turn me off too, especially when a guy smells like a giant one. Ew!

    OP, does she know that would turn you off?! Think she tried to do it to avoid sex?
  6. Want my number?  :love:
  7. Only if you're fun. :p lolol [:
  8. Well, I don't eat, I don't breathe, Blue Dream is my cologne, I'm always chewing 5 gum (Spearmint), I don't rush into sex, I like to caress my baby before I lay it down. And for foreplay I like to kiss you some shotguns. Naw, i'm probably not meant for you.
  9. You don't eat or breathe? How's that work out for you?! I haven't eaten in two days, I don't feel so good. The rest is awesome tho! You'll make some lady happy for sure.
  10. Cigarette breath which is funny because I use to smoke cigs but now I can't stand the smell.

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  11. Controlling girls turn me off and im a pretty hard dude to turn off
  12. Stupidity........... I almost can't count the number of women I plan to make a move on, then I hear them speak and instantly distance myself.
  13. Ay gurl lemme zapdos pants off you
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    Not a whole lot turns me off. If I had to think of some, it would probably be really fat chicks (I don't mind a bit of thickness, it can be sexy if a girl knows how to wear it). I'm talking like 5'2 and 150, add 5 pounds for every inch and above. That just isn't my cup o' tea. Umm, hairy chicks, black (I'm talking like purple, I don't mind caramel) chicks. Obese black chicks are probably one thing that I couldn't get it up for haha. I'm not trying to be shallow, but it's just my preferences.
  15. Just trolling, but you need to eat though. Maybe one of these will help...*Passes Joint*
    The "OMG look at me" syndrome is a major turnoff. Also, if she doesnt clean her ass that also sucks.
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    Lol thanks [: I actually just hit the bong.
  18. Probably not in response to if she knows if it turns me off

    And I wonder that sometimes in response to trying to avoid sex. In the morning the second she wakes up (she's up early even when she doesn't have to work) she flys out of bed to the computer, and will come back later to cuddle but she'll be fully dressed... She goes to bed very early too (7:00pm). We have one of those really easy to take care of babies too.

    Ditto, lately it's my girls bad moods. A lot of the times she takes whatever I'm saying the wrong way when no harm was intended, and is easily frustrated and upset.
  19. You're not the only one sick. Last Saturday, my sick ass uncle sneezed in front of a fan that happened to be blowing my way. Now, i'm suffering right along with him. I hate that mfer right now. Get well soon.
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    Honestly man, I'm sorry, but she's avoiding you. I know every girl isn't the same, but I LOVE cuddles in the morning, at night too.

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