What trips you out?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by YEM, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. What seems to always trip you out?
  2. anything can trip me out. give me a piece of tape and i can marvel at it's stickyness, the way individual little threads are working together to keep this heavier object stuck to whatever it is i'm attaching it too. the way it shines, knowing that the shines just photons, the smoothness of it knowing it is only smooth at this level of size.
    everything can be incredibly fascinating if you just think about it

    but what never fails is consciousness and space

    those never fail me make me literally go


  3. psychedelics make me trip out
  4. atoms trip me the FUCK out :eek:
  5. - The feeling of connectivity provided by the interent.

    - The stars.

    - GPS Navigators they have in expensive cars these days.

    - 3D TVs (But not so much the 3D movies... strange...)

    - And how easy it is for a 5 years old to get on the 'high score' board at the local VDO game arcades. My son is a fucking genius...
  6. Dudes, start paying attention to late late late night infomercials and the actors/actresses they hire?!? Some of those people are crazy looking!
  7. Really dark clouds that shit trips me out

  8. that would trip me out too :eek:
  9. organs, man. and i'm not talking about the ones that make music. wait no they make me a tad bit squeamish.

    my bad :smoke:

    as for things that trip me out i'd say how calculators operate. did someone actually program every single possible answer into them, or do they just know? :confused:
  10. My friends conversation.. They always seem to trip out on a conversations.. I trip out on that conversation.
  11. Trip out in a bad way... Needles or blood!!! I get blood draw. And I get dizzy and hot and sick and once I fainted :(
    Trip out in general staring out at the ocean at nighttime when the skys only lit by stars and the moon... Did that while tripping thought I could see the curvature of the earth and it felt so close to me so when I look at it now I'm always astounded by how small I am
  12. - how dark and sick a lot of porn is even on "legit" sites
    - how small even the greatest minds on earth think eg. earth is probably the only planet with life, do other stars have planets? etc. when earth is probably an average to boring planet in the great sceme of things
    - the ability to rationalize & hold contradictory thoughts in one's head
    - that people respect assholes more than nice people
    - that people don't like it when you tell them the truth
    - that people can be ruled by hate & fear all the while convinced that they're righteous
    - that no one seems to give a shit about the earth or care to step out of their gas guzzling fat ass drive a block for a burger machines
    - that people are insanely threatened by hippies
    - how stupid people are, especially in groups
    - the amazing complexity of life forms and the ability for our bodies and minds to even work
    - a lot of the shit i've experienced in my life
    - the ability of humans to irrationally act against their own self interests to enable power seekers to exploit them
    - lightning when it doesn't travel vertically, but rips across the sky overhead like claws ripping the sky
    - hallucinogens
    - serendipity
    - some dreams
    - 30 years later, people stop listening to mediocre sounding CDs when hi res audio is available and instead listen to even crappier mp3s
    - how annoying neighbors can be
    - how no one is bothered that you can't buy any weed that gets you high on the streets
    - watching clothing tumbling in a drier
    - goths
    - people who's entire life is video gaming
    - how violent the media is
    - trying to figure out what's going on in animals' heads
    - how much the internet is changing culture and language
    - texting
    - tweeting
    - blogging

    that's all i can think of at the moment

  13. Psychotropics.

    They work 100% of the time, every time.
  14. I don't think there is anything in life that doesn't trip me out lol.

    In fact I had to quit doing drugs because my sober life is so trippy.

    The last time I did drugs, I took 2 hits of strong acid, and while I was peaking I realized that when I am sober I see things (perception wise) the same way I do on acid, just without all the visuals/stuff moving around.
  15. "Bad" acid trips and near death experiences.
  16. Traffic. Its weird to think that each and every person was once a small kid, doing the same shit that I did as a kid... And now they are all driving around, buying stuff, eating shitty food, and living shitty lives.

    Pulling up to a light and having the people in the car next to you pass a few joints over.
  17. The circulatory system



    And plants. Plants are fucking trippy.

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