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  1. I am going to a resort/hotel for a wedding. I will be there for a week, because I will be in a hotel I will most likely have to smoke outside on walks and what not. Wondering what would be most discreet out of cone joint, straight joint, blunt, ect. obviously a bong is out of the question lol. also any ideas on how to smoke in a hotel room? Thanks.
  2. ^Maybe you'll get lucky and your hotel room will have a balcony.

    Other than that I don't have much advice....I guess it depends on where this hotel is located....right in the middle of a city?
  3. Straight roll with a crutch so it looks like a cig. Crutch dont absorb hardly any thc so your good.
    The crutch:
    Anytime you roll a joint you should use a crutch. A crutch acts somewhat like a filter for your joint but mainly they just prevent the end from closing.

    joint rolling tips Article i found

    Often times in sessions the joint may get soggy and close. Prevent this by tearing off a small piece of a business card, or your joint paper package about 1/4 in. wide by 3/4 in. long. Roll that tiny piece of paper into a 1/4 in. spacer that you stick into the smoking end of the joint.
  4. Chillum. As long as you're not flying there, this is the easiest option.
  5. Outside using a cone or a dugout pipe(any one hitter) if u have one that is.
    As for inside umm make a sploof pack one jitters and blow sploof out the window. Or turn the shower on and blaze, using sploof for extra caution
  6. For the hotel u could hit ur bong and just blow it out the window, maybe light up some incense after. As for smoking in public i recommend pub skins u can get them in some head shops. They look like cigarettes and when rolled straight (even better in a rolling machine) the only things that would give it away is it has a roach not a filter, and of course the smell.
  7. Most hotels wont notice, Just blow out your window and use a piece. If you feel that its a close call put a wet towel under the door and use a sploof. Believe me, the smoke wont dank up the room for longer then 10 minutes if at all.

    But its always nice to walk and toke in a different place, id suggest a one hitter or a nice straight joint with a roach in it.
  8. Haha just roll a jay and go for a walk
  9. [​IMG]

    ^ your new best friend.

    I smoke with one of those in broad day light, all the time. You can sometimes find one for $5 or less at gas stations or a convenience store

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