What to use to spike a mohawk?

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. I'v decided on the last day of school to go all out and get a mohawk. My hair is 5 inches long roughly, so what product would work the best for making it stand up?
    I know RM has a mohawk so hit me up some some products man!

  2. egg whites or elmers glue or soap and hairdryer. all of them worked for me in the past. now my hair is just a huge mop
  3. Hey man, i use finesse because mine is only about 3.5 - 4 inchs right now.

    It's cheap at $1.15 a bottle and actually works, unlike many hair sprays

    It's really a skill balancing between hair spray, a mirror and a hair dryer, but you play around and you'll eventually get a method down that you like. Prepare to be reallt frustrated.


    Also, if you're looking for REALLY good hold, for a long time, with big hair, try Knox Geletine. It's a little less damaging to your hair than elmers glue and easier to get out, but holds JUST as long, and is entirley water proof.

  4. an effective solution.. but expensive, is TIGI's BED HEAD gel
  5. glue works great, i used to have one myself.
  6. i dunno waht will keep a mohawk up cuz i've heard alota shit, i could jus ask my dad cuz he's a barber but he's bein an ass

    haha i had a mohawk for a day (and a big pimple on my forhead) when i cut my long hair

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