What to use to smoke?!?

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  1. Ok this morning I find myself with no pappers, no ciggars, and my brother has my bong. What to smoke out of? What would all my fellow stoners use?
  2. i would make a grav if i was you
  3. Just go to the gas station man :p
  4. I used to make pipes out of soda cans, extremely easy and disposable.
  5. Gravity bong or you could buy a cheap bowl.
  6. Aluminum foil pipe. Make it thick so it heats up less and also releases less aluminum
    particles or whatever. Foil pipes suck so much. They taste crappy, but it'd be good for a
    couple hits.
  7. No bro.
  8. Get amd metal socket , pen tube, soda bottle, tape and a bottle.

    Burn a small hole in side of bottle stick pen tube in angle pen tube down tape it in place and tape the socket to pen tube and you have amd water bong
  9. hot knives?

    Cut the bottom out of a bottle and put it in your mouth so you can kinfe the weed under the bottle and suck up all the smoke.

  10. +1 for hot knifing
  11. grav bong, apple, water bottles, bible paper, WHY WOULD SOMEONE SUGGEST TIN FOIL!!! URGGGHH
  12. Whatever you decide on, DO NOT use tin foil or aluminum. Aluminum can cause Alzheimers.
  13. Gravity bong ftw

  14. GTFO, advertise elsewhere. By doing what you are doing 99.9% of people who are in the market for e-cigs are going to make sure that they dont give you any money. Read the forum rules. dumb cunt.

    but to the OP, I have used recipt paper with no ink before and it works just as good as rolling papers. :smoke:

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