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Discussion in 'General' started by Sovereign Psyche, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. alright, so im going to a party this friday, and i want to be on some kind of drug
    but heres the catch
    i have a DT for a job im getting in about 2 weeks after that
    so i cant smoke weed
    or do anything else that stays in my system for more than 14 days
    but i might get called for the DT early, so to be safe, 7 days
    on erowid, it says that DXM may cause a false positive for PCP & Opiates
    so idk if i should take that.
    so here are the options

    cocaine- ive never done it, i kinda wanna try it, but idk if i wanna try it this soon, and have the first time being at a party
    DXM-but i dont want to test positive for PCP or Opiates
    alcohol-i dont really like alcohol that much, but its okay, i guess.
    adderall-doesnt to very much to me, it only makes me really calm, (unless i take a bunch)
    nitrous-expensive as shit
    shrooms-the guy is really shady, so idk if i can trust him to get me real shrooms or not, but hes the only shroom connect that anyone in my town knows of

  2. coke- best friends dad OD'd from that shit

    my advice drink and take adderal... its a good combo...
  3. shit, i forgot alcohol on the poll, lol
  4. Ecstasy on the friday...should be ok..??

    that is if you wanna take it?
  5. coke, no time is to early to try anything, lol, i did coke the first time my freshman year in hs. soo i recomend coke, or if u can get opium get some of that, or just drink if u have to or take buy some san pedro if attainable
  6. Just get drunk off your ass.
  7. ecstasy-unattainable
    san pedro- unattainable

    my town sux
  8. Just get really drunk and smoke a lot .... you could add some adderall if you feel like not sleeping....should be an alright night.

  9. He can't smoke, he has a drug test coming up.
  10. I would save your money and just get a 12 pack of something good for yourself.
  11. ...where's the "all of the above" answer?

    are you kidding me? why the hell not? haha...
  12. yea, if i get the shrooms, im almost definetly gonna take those, lol
    but i might have something else on hand, just incase
  13. i heard dont take hallucinigens at parties but ive never had any problems, not even with insane amounts of acid.. worst thats ever happened was i had to go to theside and chill out for a few minutes
  14. Drink some alcohol, do some stupid shit, have fun. Mmmmm alcohol
  16. idk shrooms at a party will suck. I think shrooms are better for for like camping and the woods. coke out of all will prolly be the best drug to do for that kinda atmosphere just dont do to much.
  17. Oh I didn't see it said you needed a DT..

    But with personal experiences, I wouldn't recommend doing shrooms at a party, when I shroom I like to be with at most three people, not to mention if this is a "big" party there is always the chance of cops busting it... which would seriously suck if you were tripping.
  18. shrooms are fun at parties especially if its more than one person on shrooms, so fun acting out of control around people that have no idea whats wrong w/ u lol.
  19. why get rip when you can trip?
  20. if its a party i would say pop some addy and drink yourself stupid. If you do get shrooms i would recomended straying away from the party but definatly eat the damn things the moment you get your hands on them. Shrooms are fucking amazing.

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