What to say to headshop who selks fake glass?

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  1. So this new headshop in my city is the only place who has nice glass and it's super hip and I like it however I noticed they had some ridiculously fake Toro tubes. I mean these things are laughable!

    What should I do as a customer? Do you think the store knows they're fake?

    EDIT: I meant sells in the title
  2. fyi toro drastically changed thier tubes his early work looks nothin like the 7/13 arm bongs he is making now
  3. Well you cant be just like "start gettin real glass, or ill take my business elsewhere." I mean you can but kinda douchey. But you can't really bitch at the sales clerk they are just working there, the owner is who you would want to convince to start buying better glass.
  4. Just don't buy one.
  5. do business elsewhere..
  6. take pics

    never heard of a fake toro

  7. I've also never heard of a fake toro. They are prolly really janky quality or something.
  8. Does it say itza? A lot of unknowledgable people think that itza are knock off toros.

  9. You must be one of them.

  10. why?.
  11. Because he is probably stoned, or an asshole who is trying to pick a fight.
  12. I was sold a fake roor from my local headshop but to be honest, thing was legit. Thick ass glass and pretty legit ass setup for 100 bucks. Just replaced the downstem/slide and moved on with my life, the anger wasn't worth it.
  13. It was a thin looking straight tube with a sloppy joint and it also had a second chamber like it would have a perc but instead of a tree perc, it just had a glass straight glass stem stoking up with the top of it just being cut straight off. I'm not sure, but it looked like it had some sort of glass water-wheel looking thing in the middle of the ice pinch looked like it was supposed to be spun by the air coming out of that glass stem. Looked like it would break if you ever dropped an ice cube in it. The logo also looked bad.

    I can't go anywhere else because this is the only place that has named glass. Every other place has nameless Chinese tubes and pieces.

    Also, the guy that works the store is the part-owner and his cousin blows a lot of the smaller glass and stuff. His shit looks great.
  14. Pics or it didn't happen...
  15. very few shops will allow you to use a camera inside the store. even when you have a rapore built at a certain store they still get iffy about that shit.

    as for the OP, if you can obviously tell its a fake dont buy it. the fact it caught your eye is a good thing, if you know for a fact that some of the other glass they have in there is legit, let the owner know, he might need to call his distributor and chew some ass.. or he knows they are fake, and want some idiot to come in and buy it (and we all know someone will buy it)
  16. Fake Toro?? Pictures.
  17. If I were you id go in there and make a scene, when a headshop is selling fake pieces they are LIEING to you and STEELING your money by trying to sell you a fake piece, dont be polite about it
  18. what is the basis for your accusation?
  19. Here are the pictures of this hilariously fake POS.


    Heres their little "water wheel perc" hahahahaha
  20. Haha, water wheel? Wtf is that nonsense?

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