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What to look for when buying bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr.NiceGuy, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. ok... i know there are alot of nOObs on this website, but i was wondering when you go to pick up bud what is that you look for in your weed?

    lots of crystals.
    lots of hairs.
    lots of buddage
    lots of leavage
    lots of smellage

    p.s why cant i get the poll to work ?
  2. I use to go by seein the brown strain on the weed but Last night I smoked like around 8 bowls with a friend on my bong had a lot of strains but didnt get me as high tho so I guess Ill have to go for the buddage now since more bud = more weed ;D
  3. main thing i look for is a non skimped bag. if it weighs out, i inspect it and hope that it has a nice green color, nicely colored hairs (hopefully from bright orange to dark red), a nice smell and great taste
  4. Weight is a must for me thats why i didnt poll it. It just has to weight out.
  5. The bud being well, good looking buds, is a must when buying dank. I'm further impressed by smell and colouration. Nothing better than a skunky ass bag though.
  6. i like my bud a light green with crystals all over it but lately i havent seen anything thats light green around here....
  7. Well, since most dank I come around is always super crystally and really buddy, I really like getting a smelly bag. I love the smell of a nice potent skunky strain.
  8. same with me, I always get good dank weed...but having a new nice fruity smell or even somewhat skunky is greattttttttt!
  9. When i open a bag with one gram in it and the people in the back of my car can smell it within seconds: its all good.
  10. I voted crystals, but I hope that my bud has all of those qualities when I buy it (and it usually does). In fact, right now my main dealer has such strong shit that the smell literally made my eyes water when I picked up a bag of this stuff a few days ago, and when I smoked it, I couldn't hear myself talking. It felt like I was hearing it in my head, actually. I tripped so hard off of it.
  11. weight is the most primary thing i look for
    next to that is really how stemmy it is because stems add alot of weight
    then how potent is the weed...buds and crystals
    if i see nice little snowflakes then im happy
    i've gotten really skunky ass bud that smells wonderfully but smokes horribly
    and i've had bud that has millions of crystals and not smelt much like weed but got me high off a few bowls...all preference IMO
  12. you need to look at the trichromes (hairs) you need to know what kind of hairs you want and pay attention to the amount of trichromes, more=better :D
  13. Arent the trichromes the chrystals?
  14. ^^^ I thought that the trichromes were the crystals aka THC I could be very wrong here but I dont think I am. Thats what I look for but the weed I get is always great and I can't resist a good smelling bag.

    Edit: Damn beat me to it Johnnywobbles
  15. I posted my vote for Buddage, I love big budded weed. but smelly and crystaly is fucking nice too. All thrreee is sweet.

  16. the trichomes ARE the crystals man if uve read anything on here youd know

  17. sorry guys i got my lingo messed up, i have a good informant that made a mistake teaching me :smoking:
  18. More crystals=More trichs=More THC=MORE HIGH!!
  19. I look for straight bud. I don't want to see seeds or stems. After that, I weigh it. Seeing how I am pretty picky, I just grow my own now heh.
  20. i like to keep lingo simple, but when scientific words get involved im screwed :p:smoking:

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