What To Look For In A Good Bong?

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  1. gonna get my first bong today an have no idea what to look for
  2. some weed in it
  3. Thick glass.
  4. You really have to give us more info than that eg. Your budget, primary characteristics ie high diffusion, low drag.
  5. 100$ budget with a semi decent diffusion but i wanted a smaller bong like 10 inches or less
  6. I look for an ice catcher, thick glass, and good neck to hold on to.
  7. For actual quality under a 100good in a lhs id say soft glass!
  8. What's better a joint a bong a pipe or a vaporizer. Glass or merel. What's a good online headshop to use other then this one

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  9. Vaporizers are very nice but spendy for quality, pipes are good on the go or to keep a bowl goin, but a bong is the nicest to have for quality etc...
  10. What's a good website to buy on other then this one
  11. aqua lab technologies.com is a good site. I just got a 14" beaker bottom 5 mm thick for 133 with shipping
  12. Make sure it's not cheap china glass lol.
  13. buy in person and feel the glass.  if it's too thin it will undoubtedly break from any number of things, including pressure, temperature, abuse.
  14. thick glass (to me) would be the biggest thing. im clumsy as hell and tip mine over from time to time but got really thick glass and the only chip on it is on the downstem from my buddy being a dipshit....
    ice pinches are also pretty nice.
    for $100, youre probably not going to find anything with like percs or shit in it.
  15. What kind of screen would be better for a glass peace
  16. What are your opinion on mini jar bongs
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    hey bro theres are many glass companys that offer thick pieces around tha price range y not try for a bubbler? US tubes has thick glass n nice prices but every1 has diff tastes , screens id say go with glass they 2 3 bucks ea  or the cheaper ones thst u get 5-10 for a buck 

  18. http://www.grasscity.com/online_headshop/mini-glass-bong---large-jar.cfm?iProductID=1815

    Is this one any good
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    hey bro remeber what u pay for is what u get so for 10 bucks ur really get cheap glass that will end up breaking never tried em never really even c that design but here try this link same sight jus ehle glass...http://www.grasscity.com/online_headshop/ehle-glass-bongs.cfm..u can even check grasscitys store im sure they got some nice priced pieces

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