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  1. I've smoked for a little over a month now. I'm still kind of a light weight, I can use one single joint to get me high 4-5 times. I'm getting $115 next week and I want to get some accessorys. I was thinking about going to a local head shop and getting a cheap glass bowl for like $15 and getting an acrylic bong. In addition I was thinking about getting about 1/8th of bud. How do you guys feel about acrylic pieces and what do you recommend I get as my first piece?
  2. Hoenstly would rather get a glass bong right away.
    Only upside to acrylic bongs is that they wont break and are a bit cheaper but always find them to taste worse than glass and they tend to start smelling like shit after a short while.
    For like 40-50 bucks you allrdy get a solid glass bong. nothing fancy but still 100 times better than acrylic.
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  3. Glass bong is the way to go. But just be careful with it because they can break. Pick up a grinder too its good for breaking up the weed. Get a 4 chamber one and a small pipe and your good to smoke up
  4. Go with what suits you. You don't have to have the most expensive pieces. Go look in the shops. Look at a glass spoon 15-30 bucks. Look at a glass bong you should be able to get at least a 12in glass for around 40 bucks. And check out a dugout 13-20 bucks. Or check out a vape pen so you can get in on some nice concentrates.
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  5. Here is my recommendation:

    $35-40 for an eighth (thats how much it is around here)

    $40 glass bong

    $5 plastic grinder

    $10-15 glass handpipe

    Thats between $90 and $100. Leaves you $15 for some munchies ;)
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  6. can get a glass piece same price as some acrylics n some cases, nothing' against acrylic accept the fact that you use it long enough and it will smell like burning human garbage
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  7. due to resin buildup
  8. You must live in a legal state or something because it's 60 for 1/8th here. I already have a grinder, I might be able to get an 1/8th, a cheap glass bong depending on how much they sell them for. And I know my friend has gotten a spoon pipe there for $15 so I'll see what I can do, thanks for your help.
  9. Ye
    yeah, I've heard arcrylic smells after a while, I'm going to see what kind of glass my local head shop has in my price range.
  10. What exactly is a "dugout"?
  11. Oh I live in Connecticut (where its still not legal) but I guess its just easy to come by around here? Idk. Im sure it varies greatly by where you live. I could probably get a quarter oz for $65-70 here
  12. do.jpg
    click here!
  13. get a slider bowl a 2.jpg and a ashcatcher a 6.jpg and a jhook a 5.jpg and a keck clip a 13.jpg then you have a "dry" pipe and a "wet" pipe
    just make sure to get everything in one size connection

    the pix are links
  14. This my friend is a dugout. The circle cut out holds a small one or two hitter pipe. The oval side You can pack the medicine of your choice there. Mine holds about 2g. Just take the pipe push and twist into the oval bowl packs itself you take a hit. I use mine when I'm at family gatherings or anyplace you need to be inconspicuous. They come in various shapes and sizes colors and designs. I always have my dugout on me. Good ones are made of cedar and can hide the scent of meds too. 2258401745_f42c4aa290.jpg
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  15. When you go to your headship look for one slightly out of your range (like $5) then remark on how much you like it blah blah. Ask the price and tell the guy you got only x amount he'll give it to you for that. Never met a shop that wouldn't.
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  16. bl#.jpg bl#6.jpg
    heres some more exotic jhooks(I've always wanted! X3 ) just do a google images search for "jhooks smoking"
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  17. Dollar stores sometimes have some good stuff. Less expensive than head shops
  18. I am more of a edible guy, I have 3 chillums 2 clay one glass, and a sherlock.
    Sherlock/ Gandalf pipes are nice, ergonomic, easy to use. great for chillin, couch lock
    If your into eastern/traditional/antiques stuff, philosophy, religion, history, Chillums are good and if used the right way will get you ripped, takes alitte bit to get the technique but man, i have stories of usin them and gettin blasted. got the clays from grasscitys shop good stuff, when i toke i be like:
  19. Dollar stores sell smoking accessories (besides lighters)?

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  20. The ones in my area do. Scales and stuff as well

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