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what to get boyfriend for xmas???

Discussion in 'General' started by AlbinoChick, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. On the 27th I am moving back home and seeing my boyfriend for the first time in over a month. I asked him what he wants for christmas and he said all he wants is for me to be healthy (i have a bad stomach disorder) i asked him realistically, what do you want? He said he honestly doesnt want anything. I really want to get him something though, I just dont know what.. he is not a materialistic person so I have no clue what to buy him. He is really into herbal medicine and nature. Any ideas? Or should i not even bother since he said he doesnt want anything? Women are supposed to be the confusing ones dammit!
  2. Head. :)

    If he smokes, get him an 1/8th.
    A cd works, too.
  3. Get him head, trust me he will love it, when a guy says they dont want anything it means dont get anything, but sex or a bj would make his christmas awesome
  4. Weed and dress in a sexy lil outfit for him ... You can thank me later aha
  5. Head, then sex. In that order.
  6. yeah just give him head or anal
  7. Trust us we're all guys
  8. Jeez guys, we havent even kissed yet and you want me to kiss his dick?
  9. Yeah before you kiss him you should suck his dick.
  10. [quote name='"AlbinoChick"']Jeez guys, we havent even kissed yet and you want me to kiss his dick?[/quote]

    How long have you been dating?
  11. We have known each other for about 6 years, we both loved eacother and were too pussy to let each other know, and after i moved he finally told me. So I am seeing him for the first time as my boyfriend when i get back.
  12. Suck his dick, and then rub your first kiss into him. get nasty, trust me

  13. seems like the only logical thing to do.
  14. +a sandwich = perfect xmas
  15. In all seriousness Albino, get him some nice sunglasses. Simple, black, italian sunglasses. Can never go wrong with that

  16. I'd be fine with a sandwhich.
  17. if you can, how about a cigerello filled with 2 or 3 differnt strains, maybe even one that taistes really good when you hit it....if you can

    i kind of have all of the materialistic things i can afford, so there isnt really anything i "want"

    so when my wife asked me what i wanted i told her "you" and i meant it

    maybe you can give him a memory as a gift????

    like a bad ass date where you smoke a sweet, watch the sunset, get something to eat together

    something that will make the date more special and memeroable then a regular date would?

    or....A THREESOME lol
  18. Think of some small inside joke or funny story that the two of you shared all those years ago, and turn it into a present.
  19. Head, and porn. Lots of porn
  20. Since u guys havent done the deed, do it already

    Make it his perfect fantasy tho, ask him wat his fantasy is and do that, secretary, librarian, watever

    Theres no way that can be bad

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