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  1. hey um well im deciding to move out soon and have calculated my expenses but still have a lot of questions and was hoping that the ppl that are living on their own may help

    ill be moving into an apartment and it'll cost around 1000-1200 and was wondering will this also include my bills such as electric, water, gas etc?

    nd um... fuck cant think of anything else LOL but if thers any other info that may help me out feel free to tell me
  2. Wow your paying alot for rent.

    I would assume it accounts for at very least electric, water and gas (if you use that). But it depends almost entirely on your landlord.

    Some place pay for that, plus internet, plus cable, etc. Some places its just for living space and you pay for utilities out of your own pocket.

    Ask your landlord.
  3. If you're moving into an apartment and they say that rent is from 1000-1200 then that probably doesn't include electric, gas or even water...although, water could be included. That's just what I think though. It's based on experience.

    Don't forget groceries and necessities such as toilet paper and all that jazz. Then, there's gas money if you have a car. Internet, cable, phone, laundry money or at least the stuff to do laundry.

    That's all that I can think of right now.

    Good luck!!! :)
  4. appreciate the generic brands of food my friend. look down towards the bottom of the shelves in the cereal aisle to pick up big ass bags of generic cereal (commander crunch is a personal fav).
  5. the best thing you can do imho is to build what i call a mini mart. when things like toilet paper, or shampoo, or anything you think you will use alot, BUY BUY BUY. the just set this stuff in an out of the way closet. this way whenever you run out of something, all you have to do is open your closet door and there it is.

    and also you really need to sit down and write out a budget, and never ever deviate from it. decide whats more important to you. My old landlord was way cool, i paid 50 a week (rent was 200 a month i know that price kicks ass huh), anyway I always kicked in an extra 25 and at the end of the month not only way my rent paid, but i had a spare hundred for my electric bill.

    Also living on your own is a huge responsibility. dont do it because you think you have to, do it when you have a little fallback money to work with. i have what i call just in case shit money. for instance just in case my fridge fucks up, i can affored another.

    Now onto working to build credit. This is really important when you are getting started, you never know when you may need a loan or something. i suggest getting a credit card, and paying a small bill on it (cell phone in my case) and just cut it up. this way you were going to pay it anyway so just pay the credit bill and everything is straight. Doing it this way shows you are responsible and most banks are more willing to loan you money for something if you need it.

    and lastly, if you have a bank account, set up all your bills on a draft. that is where the company automatically deducts your bills via your bank account. this way you never have to worry about being late on your bills and that really is such a hassle to write out a dozen different checks.

    all that said, good luck on getting a place, i wish you nothing but the best
  6. what to expect when moving out: FREEDOM! :D

    i don't know where you live, but in most places i've lived 1000-1200 for an apartment is a whole lot, probably at least twice as much as average for a single person apt. however, if you know this, have a high steady income (i'd want about 2000-3000 a month if i was paying rent like that), and have good job security/savings, then go for it. if not, you won't be able to live at the ritz but you'll still have your own place, which i found to be worth it if it meant living shitty for a while. everybody should live shitty for a while, makes you appreciate it more when you have good times :)
  7. ^^^Good tip. Also, stock up on Ramen Noodles, hotdogs, bread, spaghetti and sauce...I cant even eat any of those to this day!!! Man, the life of a bachelor!

    As far as your rent. 1000-1200 seems very high to not include anything. But I guess that all depends on your area (city). Find out from your lndlord. Also be sure to find out if theres a lease.
  8. That may include heat or water. You gotta ask the landlord.

    Dont forget about garbage, sewer/water, electric, phone, cable/internet, food.

    On average your electric should cost around $30-50 a month, phone i'd go w/ a cell $30-40, cable/internet $60-75 month, food... Its not uncommon to spend $200 a month on food.

    This doesn't include reg things like, Car, insurance, (GET RENTERS INSURANCE), things like a bed, shelving, w/e you wont have when you move out.

    1200 is hella expensive for rent too man. I mean, maybe not for NYC and very urban areas....
  9. The one thing you should do before you move out is save a month too two months rent first for emergency money just incase you get laid off. But the best estimate of living byourself is bout 1500 a month

    1000- month for rent
    50 a month for phone
    50 a month for transportation
    50 a month fo internet and beer:D
    100 a month for food
    150 a month for electric(and thats if you decide to grow probally be around 100 if you dont)
    100 a month for car/health/dental insurance


  10. It depends on the landlord if they want to include all the extra. So just figure 1000$ a month for the apartment and then you'll prolly end up paying at least 500$ more a month for gas, heat, water, food, and anything else you may need. I was looking at apartments for a while, they're really expensive. Save up 10 grand and put a down payment on a house :p
  11. I guess I was right on the dot and this comes from someone that lives with his parents forgot to add cable though oh well, PotStylez thats a great idea plan on doing the same thing since my credit is fucked. I mean really if my credit was weed it wouldnt even be scwagg itd be sumthing like Oregano or Dill, I plan on buying everything with Credit groceries, blunts even lighters.
  12. Best advice I can give, pick up a friend that is of age for a room mate. When you split living expenses down the middle, it is so much easier. But, honestly, pick a friend you are comfortable being around, because the last thing you need in a new place is an awkward situation.

    Second best advice, get a job BEFORE moving out of your parent's place. Evaluate how much money you make, per month, and then write out a budget.

    Third, Find a better rent dude.. There are places around here that rent out two bedroom studios for 600 per month.. I don't know where you live.. But if rent like that is usual, I reccomend moving out of state. That's way too much to juggle with your first place.

    Also, start off simple. When you finally move in, don't sign up immediately for cable/broadband/phone service/etc. Start off very simple the first month.. Rent, a cheap cell phone for calls (Sometimes all you need is a cell phone) and maybe a dial up internet service. Let's not forget food and car insurance/payments. If you have a car now, try and pay it off before you move out.. Then all you have to worry about is insurance.

    When you start off simple, as such, you can evaluate at the end of the month how much money you have for other utilities such as broadband/cable/etc. yes, for the first month or two you'll be watching movies or local antenna channels.. But it's better than being in debt your first month out on your own. THAT you do NOT want.

    Less bills, more money, no stress. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

    You'd be surprised how awesome job promotions are.

    Just my 2 cents worth of advice.

    PS: If you do find a room mate to split rent down the middle, split utilities that you both will use (Internet/Cable/Phone) between yourselves as well. So, if mrtwomuchskill's budget was correct, you'd both be chucking in 750-800 per month, total.

    I anticipate you will take some of our advice to heart.. Either way, good luck to you!
  13. he says it best
  14. thanks for the tips guys and the rent is pretty expensive in california
    and i will be moving in with a roomate so it wont be too hard on me
  15. plz tell me what type of car insurancce u have.
  16. a little off topic, but has anyone pitched in with a friend/friends to put a down -payment on a house? It seems like a promising idea.

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