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What to do...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Rageon, May 12, 2006.

  1. Well I'm new to the city, kinda I have been browsing the forums for some time.

    Now for the story.

    I'm 18, have just recently started to smoke more often.

    Now my dad is a Deadhead plain and simple

    Through out my life I have noticed some things but they just never all came together
    (for those of you who dont know what im talking about dont bother reading the rest)

    Well about a year ago i found his stash. And Bong. And pipe and they were heavly used

    So i was kinda freaked becasue well its my dad and all. But i came to accept it.

    Now I have allways been really carful about smoking, and im positive they dont know that I smoke. But i began to questoin this.

    Well should I be outfront and just come up to him and say I smoke!

    Or should I give him hints?

    I'm not shure what to do I dont want to freak him out, but then again it would be much better if he found out than me just lieing about it.

    O and i'm growing and have decided to place the yield from 1 plant in my dad's stash for a present I hope he will like it.

    Thanks for the feedback
  2. Edit: Shit my bad. Can't read, burnt out from finals. :)

    But in an answer, don't grow in parents house unless they give you permission. VERY rude, even if they are tokers. Smoking and Cultivation are two different ballgames which could fuck up your parents.
  3. Maybe both your mom and dad smoke. I mean if your dad does that much she has to know and probably joins in. I'd drop that plant in his bag first and then see what happens...
  4. He said he was 18.
  5. Growing Outside not on property
  6. Well then... that's all good :) And your pa should like the gift... I know I would.
  7. You should tell him. Nothing is wrong with a little honesty. I can tell you that he will definitly respect you more for coming right out with it.
  8. I wanna tell him but I dont want him to tell my Mom, she doestn smoke, and asked me before if i have "done drugs"
  9. i hate saying "that sounds like me" but dude, I have the exact same story. With my parents they ended up being incredibly badass about it. I came to find out that my mom doesn't smoke anything but cigs, but shes very cool with my dad and me smoking. btw, she used to always ask me if i did drugs as well. so maybe you should go for it. maybe it will turn out to be badass too.
  10. Flower_Child you are giving me inspiration, I think I shall tell my dad soon. Just want to get my last weekend in before telling him, Just incase he is not cool with it.

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