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  1. I have a 5 nearly 6 week old hermie lowryder-2 in my green house. It went out there cos i didn't want it pollunating my female. Anyways it still only has 4 balls well 2 now cos 2 of them have dropped off. But then at the top it has white hairs. I dunno what to do with it cos it doesn't have seemed to have changed at all in the last week.

    Since i put it in the green house it has shot up and gone really leggy it's at least a metre high and really stretched. Should i just chop it down now or what? Cos it don't seem to be doing anything apart from getting more and more stretched. Looks really healthy though apart from the stretching. Any advice anyone? Thanks.
  2. males do produce white hairs inbetween the balls i beleave, its probably male but youve thought it to be hermie, i suggest polenating atleast 1 budsite on your female, itll get you some free seeds.
  3. The white hairs are no where near where the balls are the hairs are at the top and the balls are at least half way down.

  4. No....males do not have white hairs between the balls.
  5. Is confussed now :confused: who is right then?

  6. look at pictures of males, they grow pistils.
  7. I dont need to look at pictures, I grow the shit, I know what a male looks like. A pistil is the female reproductive organ of a plant, hence, they are not on the males!

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