What to do with weed harvested to early that isn't getting me high.

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Cgregory23, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Title says it all. Flowered some fruity chronic juice about 8 weeks and most of the hairs are red/orange, but I don't have a microscope so I chopped it. It looks super dank, smells great, is dense, and covered in trichromes. But the shit just is not getting me high, after a little research I think it must have been harvested too early. What should I do with it now I have about an o
  2. Did you dry and cure or just dry?
  3. Dry and cured. And blast it?
  4. make some hash oil with it :bongin:
  5. ^ or edibles...... or possibly throw it in a mason jar for a week or 2... How long of a dry/cure did you do?
  6. So u can mak cannabutter or isohash w it or if u hav 1gal bubblebags n at least a half oz u can mak bubblehash. But u can google cannabutter n isohash both r wicked easy to make
  7. N to really chek it put sum on a vap n if u get hits then it has thc but if no hits then no thc. N i mean vapor hots not burning weed hits. Never burn weed in a vaporizer u only heat it..
  8. You make my brain hurt^
  9. Please use some proper grammar nobody can understand any of your posts
  10. You beat me to it buddy lol

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