What To Do With This Thing We Call Life

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  1. Life. What is life? Is it the accumulation of experiences? Is it life because we die? Is it life because we try to do good or evil? Are we really living, or are we just stuck in the past with war and hatred? I ask these questions because I am stuck between living a "normal" life or sacrificing myself for the better of the world. I say this because the entire history of mankind is based on war, hatred, and greed. I cant say too much of what I would be doing or planning for this sacrifice but I can tell you that I will be living a lie and committing what most people would say are sins and evil to reach a greater good for the entire world. If all goes well I will be the most hated person in the entire world, by the entire world. 
    Or, I can just live a "normal" life and get sucked into this system of "Wake up, Go to work, Be normal, Consume, Die". In the normal life I would aspire to be a Network Administrator at a large company and just do whatever is needed to "live". I know that either way, during either life I will look back and ask myself "what if I had taken the other path?" and that is why I cant decide on which I should choose. Honestly, either way I will be living a lie because I have strong feelings about the first option, and my "normal" life will only be lived just to survive.
    Advice? If you have questions, please ask. 

  2. read in morgan freemans voice
  3. I just did and omg it was so worth it
    In all actuality though, philosophical and insightful shit, Area 11
  4. we don't do life life does us

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  5. What I dislike about life is we wake up everyday and the same exact shits happen.  We all go to work, go to school, go to whatever.  It doesn't seem we're fighting for anything.  Better politics, better government, better morals, better treatment of each other.  When I'm on drugs it seemed clear like...everythings so repetitive...like everything is right...when so much is wrong.
  6. I am making my own sacrifice for the benefit of the world.It would not have been such if it was not for the sheer greed,or utter stupidity of others outside of both my control,and hindsight.I would have been able to mutualy benefit from the ride if the former was not so.I consider it now as a poetic fate wrapped in destiny,but a must for our evolution.
    I have seen,and experienced things to know that it is worth it to put a snag in the perpetual hamsters wheel.The people of the strapped on blinders will not,and will never understand.People would call me evil,but for those that know me will rightfully vouche different. 
    If you are not being a drama queen,and no one is dependant on you,or your actions do not infringe to much on the Golden Rule then go for it.
    Cheers,and best wishes for your venture of what ever you choose.I say from my experience which of course is not tangible,that such things transcends unseen worlds in echoes of infinity.
  7. Life is long periods of repetitive tedious boredom, interrupted by brief moments of beauty, brilliance, and terror.
    You can find whatever experience you want, if you have the courage to look hard enough.
  8. What I found from dictionary.com--the general or universal condition of human existence.
    We accumulate experiences so that we learn how to cope with reality and gain wisdom from what we observe, encountered or undergone. That's why we make mistakes so that we learn from them and don't follow into the trap of it but back to the definition, the conditions that we live by has been corrupted by human beings, is it why this statement is true: Life is a bitch...and then you die. Like others have said, it's a repetitive mundane circle of the same lifestyle that we're supposed to follow such as the go to school, work work work, marriage, have children and then you die but if you don't do these, you're perceived as someone "not normal" or "something is wrong with you" if you don't adjust to the social protocol. 
    But should you really complain though, compared to other countries, USA has many benefits and freedoms as to others that have governments that give them less privileges than we do. If Life is shit, who are the major contributors to the sewage of reality? Government, utility companies, sometimes it can be your family or friends that make your life a living hell, shitty strangers, corporations, mainly authority in general. 
    You don't have to follow the traditional route if you don't want too but it's all to you--you make the decision. If you do make either decision, think of the outcome, think of the con vs pro, think of how it would contribute to you (moods, feelings). This is one of the reasons I use Cannabis to cope with the SJ world.
  9. Do whatever the hell sounds fun, it won't matter. In enough time even hitler will be forgotten.
  10. I will have to go over the replies again and post later when there is less people around so I can think.

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  11. Start a family. It can give you something to strive for. Or take a heavy dose of some mushrooms and ask yourself this question while you're peaking.
  12. Could that really lead to my decision? It's been a while but I've done it a few times. I've also thought of doing other things to come to a decision in the same manner. Also, we aren't supposed to be talking about anything other than weed if it's drug related. Let's take this to the inbox.

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  13. have kids, then ask yourself this qustion... when you have kids, you have purpose, and its whatever is necissary to make them smile, or be happy. i currently live for my kids. they are now my meaning of my life. i often asked folks like my friends, "Hey, what are we doing here, what is life?" before i had kids,but after my first was birthed, i didnt have to ask that question anymore. 
  14. All we are a carrier of our genes in the end we are just made to replicated
  15. I have these same exact thoughts, I believe our species has evolved past the point of living in these mindless societies, and we need something to happen for us to move forward. We need a wake up call, I can not endorse or deny your idea of a "sacrifice", because you have not revealed your idea.
    I do not think you should do anything that promotes violence, however I doubt I can change your mind at this point. So ask yourself, is it your destiny, do you believe you are here to for this reason?
  16. We can piss out gold, never be hungry, have as much sex as 1 person can, live to 100, have any wish come true and i can gurantee you as a species we would still bitch and complain.
  17. The main goal is to rid the world of war for good, but to reach that end I will have to break every rule known to man.

    I have the chance to move to Michigan in a couple of months. I was thinking of going to college there because there are many distractions here and whee I will be living will be in a calm area with many less distractions. When I say distractions I mean family drama and too much going on in general. I may just move and see what happens with my question and see if the question itself changes.

    Btw I will be going to college for 4 different degrees.

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  18. What makes you feel optimistic? Go with that.
    Freedom vs Control, the answer is obvious.
  19. to Try to survive until one government gets tired of another governments bullshit and decides to exterminate the human race through nuclear warefare. I believe that is what we should do with life.
    yea im not very optimistic about our future
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    Maybe I'm not going directly to your answer but let me give a try.
    Who or what planned your life as a Human was someone that gave you the best thing ever. The right to choose, life is made of choices. Some of us do the bad ones some of us do the good ones. But either way passes through the other choice.
    You can choose to suceed, to be millionaire, to have the world at your feet but would you be happy doing like 18 hours of work a day.doing the same routine over many years. Having money that you problably won't have time to spend?  Im not saying you will be millionaire, but if you work hard you definetely got yours goals. Goals give pleasure, moment pleasure.
    You can live to help others with your work, if it didn't happened, probably today we shouldn't have a computer in front of us
    You can get a job that would "support your life" plus get a little extra bucks. And do everything that you think is good, everything that would make you happy
    Life is full of experiences, ways, thoughts, it's awesome what can pass through our mind, everything in our body looks like it was made perfectly to purpose you a the best freedom conccept -> Life
    My advice to you is. Think the consequences.
    Let me give you a example:
    You can get millionaire, work fully days and you can't spend time with your family
    But you can also, have a good job that support everything and have time to spend on your own things.
    Make your goals, dont let society decide what is better for you, do goals that are on the same way of your "tastes".
    Seriously, If someone gave you life, the best liberty concept, don't let the society take it, it's a waste of time and literally "life".
    In society minds, humans = Robots
    as Mister said:

    To me, it's really awesome how can a human mind work to get you so far on  thoughts, to even judge yourself, to even talk about what makes you think. It's just really awesome.
    Give some colour to your life, don't let it be black and white!
    Maybe I didn't reach the main thing , but i think i needed to share this  :confused_2:
    And sorry Im not english native...

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